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What's the Best iPhone SMS App?

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/31/2011

We've rounded up several iPhone SMS apps available on the App Store to find out what's the best iPhone SMS app so far. Read on to find out which of these apps suits your needs.

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    Textie Messaging - Beautiful free text chat unlimited


    This iPhone SMS app is definitely a money-saver. It allows you to send messages in three ways - to other Textie users, via e-mail to non-Textie users and to U.S. mobile phones. That's for free. Once any of your friends reply, their messages are sent right into the app on your iPhone - giving you the chance to reply again. The other thing you'll like about Textie is its wonderful interface, simple, fast and so easy-to-use. It's like a default SMS app for the iPhone. (Price: $1.99)

    [Download Link]

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    Messagey - send SMS, MMS for free! Fast and easy texting


    This iPhone SMS app's major feature is that it lets you use different backgrounds and ringtones for each of your iPhone contacts. That is of course if you have the time to do so. As a texting app, it also works fast. Of course, like the previous app, Messagey for iPhone also lets you send text messages to US/Canadian mobile phone owners for free. Another unique feature of this app is Walk n SMS. It lets you see where you are walking while texting, so that you are can avoid accidents or incidents until you finish sending your SMS. Other features of this app include push notifications, push preview, macro messages and the facility to create your own signature to be attached to your SMS. The app also supports Google Voice. (Price: $0.99)

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    Text Me! - Free SMS & MMS like Messenger

    text me 

    Here's a nice iPhone SMS app that bridges the gap between IM and Texting. Simply put, the app lets you send SMS to another smartphone owner. Somehow, this app will remind you of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) but in an iPhone environment. The app also has push notifications and will only require you to register without asking for any password or e-mail. Once you've registered, you can start sending and receiving pictures and videos. You can also use the app for group chat, to schedule your messages, and as a web client for your friends. (Price: Free)

    [Download Link]

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    textPlus Free Text + Group Texting

    textPlus Free Text + Group Texting 

    This app allows you to send and receive unlimited free texts via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE. It also gives you a special number which your contact can use to send you the text messages. The app also allows you to send pictures. A unique feature of this app is 1 to 1 or 1 to 3 way texting. 1 to 1 is simply the usual texting flow. While 1 to 3 lets you add a friend to the SMS conversation so that anyone you add can read your replies, even if they don't have the app installed and as long as they are located in US or Canada. (Price: Free)

    [Download Link]

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    Infinite SMS Ad-free - Free Text Messages with Push

    Infinite SMS Ad-free - Free Text Messages with Push 

    Finally, our last iPhone SMS app is Infinite SMS. Like all the other apps on this list, this app lets you send/receive free text messages. It also allows you to pick your own permanent phone number. The app also has push notifications so you will known when there's an incoming SMS even if the app is closed. The app also works with Google Voice number and supports landscape mode. (Price: $4.99)

    [Download Link]

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    What's the Best iPhone SMS app?

    We can easily pick out Textie as the best iPhone SMS app on our list. When it comes to design and features, Textie is definitely ahead of the other four apps. But don't get me wrong here, all the apps are pretty good and can be anybody's choice any time. I picked out Textie as the best iPhone SMS app for me.

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