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Guide to Transferring Saved Games from iPhone to iPad

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/27/2010

Transfer game saves between an iPhone and an iPad with our intuitive guide. Don't lose your progress just because you are on a different iDevice. This guide will teach you how to transfer those saved games even if the iDevices are on different versions of iOS.

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    The Basics

    Many people assume that learning how to transfer game saves from an iPhone to an iPad will be a complicated process. This is only half true, the actual process has been made easy by some very handy apps, however, it does still require a jailbroken iPhone and iPad.

    At this time there is no way to do this without a jailbroken iPhone and iPad. Transferring game saves between iPhones is easy enough, likewise between iPads because the iTunes backup from one can be used to restore on the other, however, Apple has released no other way to swap game shares between iDevices if they are not the same device. This might not seem like such a big deal but with the growing number of iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and now Apple TV), it is slowly becoming one.

    On a jailbroken iPhone and iPad, all you need to do is download two free programs and with a few taps you will be on your way to swapping saved games. The best part is the applications are free and you won't need a PC to do it, thank Bluetooth.

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    Download Necessary Resources

    In order for this to work, you will need to download two applications from Cydia. These applications are both free and can be found in the default repos, therefore a simple search for them will have you on the way to downloading. Perform the following steps on your iPad and your iPhone too. (Find Out How To Use Cydia Here).

    1. Launch Cydia. Launch Cydia by tapping the brown Cydia icon found on your iPhone's homescreen. Cydia may take a second to launch.
    2. Goto Search. Tap the search tab in the bottom right corner of Cydia. This should take you to the search screen.
    3. Download AppBackup. Search for AppBackup and then tap on it to open the info pane. Click Install in the upper right corner and then press confirm in the upper left corner.
    4. Download iFile. Repeat the same process used in steps two and three. This time search for iFile instead of AppBackup.
    5. Prepare the iPhone. Repeat this same process on the iPhone, installing both applications.
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    Swapping Data

    Once you have all of the resources installed, we can begin swapping data on the iPhone. Follow these instructions on your iPhone.

    1. Launch AppBackup. Launch AppBackup by tapping the new AppBackup icon on the home screen of your iPhone.iFile 
    2. Backup the Data. Select the application (game) data you wish to back up from the list in AppBackup. Choose backup from the menu that appears. This may take a second to complete.
    3. Repeat. Repeat this process to back up saved game data for each of the games you wish to have on your iPad. You may also backup settings for other applications.
    4. Send data to iPad. Open the iFile app on the iPhone and on the iPad. On the iFile app on the iPhone, navigate to this directory "/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Appbackup". Send the files to the iPad by tapping the edit button in the top right. Tap the desired file(s) (appname.tar.gz) and choose the Bluetooth icon in the bottom right.
    5. Move the files. Using the edit and tap method, select the new file and choose the icon in the bottom left of the screen. Choose "Copy/Link" from the menu. Navigate to the folder from step four on your iPad and choose the icon in the bottom right. Choose paste. Repeat this process until all the files are copied to the iPad.
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    Restoring Data on the iPad

    Now that the data has been copied to the iPad from the iPhone, it is time to restore the saved application data. Make sure you have theAppBackup  applications (games) on the iPad and then follow these steps:

    1. Run AppBackup. Locate the AppBackup icon on your iPad and tap it to launch AppBackup.
    2. Restore data. Tap the name of the application (game) you wish to restore and choose "restore" from the menu. Wait patiently while the data is restored.
    3. Repeat. Repeat this process for each of the games that you wish to restore game data from. When you are finished you will have successfully copied the game save data from your iPhone to your iPad. You can also reverse this process to copy the game save data from the iPad to the iPhone.