HTC Mobile Phone Reviews

Detailed reviews of every HTC cell phone on the market. We focus on bringing you the information you need to decide which HTC phones are the best. You'll find coverage of features, usability, value and an overall rating for each device. HTC manufacture some of the best smartphones around and you can learn all about them here.

HTC HD Mini Reviewed

The HTC HD Mini is the subject of this review. The HTC HD mini is a high performance phone that is fully customizable. It can do more than just make calls; the HTC HD Mini is a device that connects you to the world.

HTC Fuze Review

HTC has recently released a new smartphone named the HTC Fuze. Find out how this phone stacks up and compares to the high standards of previous releases from HTC.

HTC Legend Review – Decent Android Smartphone

This is a review of the HTC Legend, a mid-range Android based smartphone which runs on Android 2.1 Eclair. It is the successor to the wildly popular HTC Hero and offers many improvements over it.

HTC Tattoo Reviewed

This HTC Tattoo review reveals that this device is smaller but similar to the HTC EVO 4G. The HTC Tattoo is an accessible Android device that won’t break the bank. The HTC EVO 4G always seems to be out of stock, but the HTC Tattoo is the next best thing.

Preview of the HTC Touch Pro 3 (or Tera)

Coming Soon! To a carrier near you!

The success of the Touch Pro and Touch Pro2 phones is an unfathomable event. The Touch Pro3 was a rumored phone for some time, even mistaken as the HD2 at one point, but we’ve got the specs!

What is the Best HTC Cell Phone?

HTC makes some fantastic phones, but which one is really the best? This article will go over a few of HTC’s top phones and name, in my opinion, the best HTC phone that is currently offered.

HTC Desire vs Nexus One

The HTC Desire and Google Nexus One are two great phones manufactured by HTC. The Nexus One was co-branded with Google but they both have similar features and specs, we pit the two phones against each other to find out which is the better HTC phone.

HTC Droid Incredible Review

A review of one of HTC’s phones for Verizon. It is a very nice and very powerful phone that many will enjoy!

HTC Magic Review (MyTouch 3G)

A review of the HTC Magic that is used by cell phone carriers world wide. A sleek versatile phone that will keep you happy for some time.

HTC Desire Review: An Awesome Android Smartphone

One of the greatest releases from HTC is reviewed here. Get ready to want one as we look at the HTC Desire. This Android smartphone has been hugely successful and taking a closer look it’s not hard to see why.

HTC Google Nexus One Reviewed

A review of the Android powered super-phone made by HTC for Google. Learn about the features, specs and costs of this phone and find out if it is right for you.