How To’s and Guides for HTC Smartphones

If you need to know how to download files onto your HTC smartphone or how to unlock your HTC quick messaging device then this is the topic for you. You'll find detailed guides and articles on how to perform various useful functions on your HTC mobile.

Get More from Your Smartphone with HTC User Guides

HTC produce many different phones, both under their own label and for other manufacturers. With a choice of Android or Windows Phone operating systems, there is a lot to choose from and get to grips with – but as these phones are so easy to use, it shouldn’t take long!

Guide to Rooting the HTC Inspire

If you have an Android phone, you always hear how rooting it is the best thing ever. Rooting your HTC Inspire can give you a lot of benefits or a lot of heartache. But what the heck is rooting? Why would you do it?

And what kind of consequences does rooting a phone have?

Apps to Print from HTC Evo 4G

Whether you’d like to print the document that was quickly drafted up during a meeting or a snapshot of your baby doing something cute, printing from your Android is a possibility and allows for efficiency and better productivity. Download these apps to begin printing from the HTC Evo right away.

How Do I Sideload Apps on the HTC EVO?

Downloading apps is an awesome way to add more features to your HTC EVO or any smartphone. But sometimes apps might not be found in the Android Market and then, you’re left feeling hurt. You wanted that app!

Try sideloading! What is that?

HTC Sense UI Update: How to

If you purchased an HTC phone with the Android operating system you are likely using the company’s default Sense user interface. HTC often updates Sense, adding new features and widgets. Can you enjoy those updates on an older HTC phone?

HTC Thunderbolt User Guide

This HTC Thunderbolt user guide contains step by step instructions for many of the phone’s features. It includes information about setting up the phone and how to personalize it.

HTC Droid Incredible Manual

HTC has hit the market with some excellent smartphones. The HTC Droid Incredible is one of their most popular releases. Find out how to use this smartphone with this user guide and learn some new tips and tricks as well.