HTC Mobile Phone Applications

This topic is all about applications for HTC mobile phones. You'll find reviews and round ups of the best apps for HTC mobiles here. In depth analysis of the HTC apps you need and warnings about the apps that simple aren't worth your time.

Choosing the Top HTC Trophy Apps

If you’re the owner of a brand new HTC Trophy, the first thing you will want to do is start loading it up with apps. Well, you’ve come to the right place — our list of the top 10 apps for your phone should get you started!

Top Ten HTC Tilt 2 Apps

As a proud owner of the HTC Tilt 2, there are ten must-have apps to download to your device! Read on to learn more about them and make your Windows mobile device, one of a kind.

Top Ten HTC Aria Apps

Not every Android device is made the same, so not every Android app is designed for every device. The Aria has a few interesting qualities, so be sure to use this list of the best HTC Aria apps to find what programs work best with the device.

Five Must-Have Free Apps for the HTC Wildfire

Having cool apps downloaded to your HTC Wildfire phone really makes a difference, especially if the apps are free! Your phone comes to life once you customize it and great applications make it worthwhile. Read on to learn about the must-have options to download right away!

Top 4 HTC Droid Incredible Music Apps

If you just picked up an HTC Droid Incredible smartphone, you want to experience everything this “smart” phone can do—including music offerings. Here, Jean Scheid looks at the top HTC Droid Incredible music apps—all available at the Android Market.

Top Ten HTC Desire Apps

This is a round up of some of the best HTC Desire apps available on the market. You’ll find ten great apps that are well worth downloading for your phone.

The Best HTC Pure Apps

The HTC Pure is a Windows Mobile device which offers a great user experience, mobile web browsing, touchscreen display and multimedia capabilities. Find which HTC Pure apps are rated among the best.

Top Ten HTC Evo Apps

Having cool apps makes all the difference when you have an HTC Evo. With Android, you can download cool and amazing apps to go with your equally cool and amazing smartphone. Read on to learn about the must have applications to download to your device.