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Top Ten HTC Pure Apps

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/6/2010

The HTC Pure is a Windows Mobile device which offers a great user experience, mobile web browsing, touchscreen display and multimedia capabilities. Find which HTC Pure apps are rated among the best.

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    HTC Pure

    HTC Pure face 

    The HTC Pure is a great balance between entertainment and business and features a simple and clean design that fits comfortably in the palm of a hand. There are loads of HTC Pure apps on the market today and many are available for free or for a low-cost. Here is a list of the most popular HTC Pure apps available for download at the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

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    MoTweets icons 

    MoTweets screenshot tweet 

    MoTweets screenshot tweet page 

    Social networking HTC Pure apps are amongst the most common applications downloaded today. MoTweets is a Twitter application for all Windows Mobile phones including the HTC Pure and allows users to access their Twitter profiles, upload photos directly from the phones, and follow their Twitter friends while on the go. This application also supports more than one Twitter account and allows users to view trends, lists and conversations. In addition users can follow, unfollow, reply and favorite using the application. At only the $3.99 this social networking app can be downloaded from

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    Tip Calculator

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    Tip Calculator Icon 

    Tip Calculator screenshot 

    Some people have trouble calculating the correct tip or are unable to split the bill while out having a meal. This functional HTC Pure app makes wining and dining easy. It allows users to accurately and quickly calculate a tip or split the bill between more than 20 people. It works on any touchscreen device like the HTC Pure and costs only $0.99 at

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    Bejeweled Icon 

    Bejeweled Screenshot gameplay 

    Bejeweled Screenshot start screen 

    This classic arcade game is one of the simplest HTC Pure apps available for download. It is both an addictive and relaxing game as it features several modes of gameplay including easy, timed and endless modes. This handheld version of the timeless PC classic is played by matching three or more like gems in a vertical or horizontal pattern. This fun and simple game can be purchased for $9.99 at

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    Thumb Shopper

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    Thumb Shopper Icon 

    Thumb Shopper screenshot 

    Thumb Shopper Screenshot edit 

    Lifestyle HTC Pure apps make things easy for people on their daily errands. Thumb Shopper enables users to check their purchases using their thumb or finger. It features user-defined lists of items, units and categories as well as the ability to set up and maintain them. Once each list has been configured users will no longer need the use of the keyboard. The entire program is completely finger friendly and designed to be used without the stylus or the keyboard. At only $1.99 this application can be purchased at

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    Bookworm Icon 

    Bookworm screenshot 

    Bookworm screenshot books list 

    Bookworm is like having a library in the convenience of a phone. It gives access to over 30,000 books from the Project Gutenberg website. These books can be copied in a .txt file and made into an e-book. Users are able to customize page layout, colors and fonts and turn the pages of each book with a simple tap. At $2.99 this HTC Pure app can be downloaded at

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    Ten of the Most Popular HTC Pure AppsThere are many apps that have been made for the HTC Pure, to find out which HTC Pure apps you cant live without read this article. You'll find a list of the top ten HTC Pure apps including apps for news. navigation and Wi-Fi.
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    AP Mobile

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    AP Mobile Icon 

    AAP Mobile screenshot AP Mobile screenshot2 P Mobile is one of the most popular HTC Pure apps available for download for free. This award-winning application provides users with news from the New York Times and Time Magazine. Users are able to access both national and international news articles using this application. Local news comes from over 1,200 local newspapers including the Miami Herald, Seattle Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Each news story is set in categories ranging from entertainment to sports to even the wacky news. This application is completely free for download and can be found at

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    Google Maps

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    Google Maps Icon 

    Google Maps Screenshot 

    Google Maps Screenshot business view 

    The Google Maps HTC Pure app offers users the convenience and ease of locating and viewing everywhere in the World. This application serves to replace the use of paper maps and enables users to pinpoint and view business listings and get turn by turn directions to almost anywhere. Google Maps has also incorporated Street View, a new feature, into their mobile mapping application. This app is free for download at

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    League of Champions

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    League of Champions Icon 

    League of Champions screenshot 

    League of Champions screenshot match details 

    League of Champions is an entertainment and sport application for the HTC Pure smartphone. It is the ultimate soccer application for the 2010 and 2011 sport season. It features matches and, live scores including timeline scorers, penalties, cards and a countdown clock which can be accessed 24/7. It also features an easy-to-use interface, auto refreshing and animated menus. This application can be used in Spanish, French and English and costs only $4.99 at

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    Sprite Backup

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    Sprite Backup Icon 

    Sprite Backup Screenshot 

    Sprite Backup Screenshot 2 

    This Windows Mobile backup application allows users to sync all their phone information to a safe and secure location on the world wide web. This application features the ability to completely restore and backup smartphone devices as well as schedule each backup and access self-extracting backup files. At $29.99 this application can be downloaded at

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    Wifi Remote Access

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    WiFi Remote Access Icon 

    WiFi remote access screenshot 

    WiFi Remote Acess screenshot on pc 

    The Wifi Remote Access application allows users to view content directly on their Windows Mobile device from a web browser. All this can be done without the hassle of installing client software on a PC. Users will only need to connect their phone to any Wi-Fi network and insert an IP address. This and similar Wi-Fi HTC Pure apps can be downloaded for free at

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    These are the top ten HTC Pure apps available for the Windows Mobile device at the Windows Mobile Marketplace. This marketplace can be accessed via a computer or using a Windows Mobile smartphone.