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Best Apps for the HTC Incredible

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/24/2010

HTC Incredible apps can help you get the most from your smartphone. Learn about five of the best apps for the HTC Incredible.

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    HTC Incredible

    The HTC Incredible is one amazing Android phone with its great combination of good looks and excellent features. Making the phone even more interesting and enjoyable to use is the number of HTC Incredible apps. Here is a list of the must-have apps for the HTC Incredible.

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    Handcent SMS

    Handcent SMS This application improves and lenghtens the text message options of the HTC Incredible. It also features the ability to search through the SMS history of an HTC Incredible device. It even allows you to dictate the text messages by speaking. Users can also customize their text messages by changing the color, background and font of the text messages through this application. The SMS pop up function is another feature that makes this application a must-download. This is a free application that can be downloaded from the Internet. It also allows users to save and create folders for contacts that are frequently messaged.

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    Labyrinth This is a classic game that can provide hours of fun for HTC Incredible users. The game involves rolling a tiny steel ball around a maze by tilting the device. The user needs to bring the steel ball to certain areas of the maze in every level in order to move to the next stage. The levels become more difficult to hurdle as the game goes on. There are also obstacles that can pose bigger challenges to the user such as blocks and drop holes. The free downloadable game likewise has a 3D option for more enjoyable and thrilling gameplay.

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    Epocrates This is one of the best HTC Incredible apps in the Internet today. It is particularly aimed at helping users determine information about drugs like dosage, interaction, and side effects. This is a handy application for nurses, doctors, and medical students. The app has thousands of images of pills, proprietary and generic. The user, however, needs to register first before being able to download the application for free.

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    Andoku Sudoku

    Andoku Sudoku This free game is an open-source app for the HTC Incredible. This is a nice version of the popular puzzle game which requires the user to plug the right numbers in the boxes to satisfy certain rules. There are various types of Android Sudoku games, and this one brings interesting versions like Sudoku X, Percent Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku and Hyper Sudoku.

    This app has very useful functions like big and spacious buttons, highlighting and a high contrast interface. The app has about 4,000 games in it, so there should be a lot of variety in playing this one. The game, aside from being a free app, is also modifiable thus users can expect various modifications made by other Sudoku lovers.

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    Skype Mobile

    Skype This for-purchase app is the official version of the popular instant messaging platform for the HTC Incredible. It features great buffering and exceptional audio quality similar to the desktop application. It supports chat and voice calls for both international and local numbers. Although it lacks Wi-Fi support, it is still a must-have for any HTC Incredible user.

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