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How to Check Sent E-mail Messages on HTC Desire

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/27/2011

Are you using the Mail application of the HTC Desire and you wonder how to check sent e-mail messages or how to configure your e-mail options? Look no further as this guide will explain this function in easy steps! Read on to learn more about your HTC Desire's Mail app.

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    HTC Desire and HTC Sense

    The HTC Desire has, for quite a while, been one of the most popular Android devices. At the time of its release, the phone was meant to be the flagship device of HTC; their very own Nexus One but with the companies’ own Sense interface. One of the standout features of Sense is the custom widgets and applications of which the e-mail application is a perfect example. Ever wondered how to configure your sent e-mail options and check for sent e-mail messages on your HTC Desire? Look no further!

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    Configuring Sent E-mail Options on the HTC Desire

    Sent Email Options on HTC Desire Although the mail application on the HTC Desire supports a large amount of e-mail protocols, including Exchange, POP, APOP and IMAP, configuring sent e-mail options is a universal process. In order to change any configurations in the sent e-mail section, you have to follow a few steps.

    1. Open the Mail application and make sure you are in one of the main tabs, preferably inbox.
    2. Click the menu button and select ‘More’.
    3. Select ‘Settings’, which is the bottom option and select the ‘Send & Receive’ option.

    The majority of the options in this settings menu refer to receiving options with only two options for sending e-mail messages. Here you can select to reply with the original text and to always bcc yourself.

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    Check Sent E-mail Messages on the HTC Desire

    Sent Email Folder in HTC Desire Mail App Checking sent e-mail messages on the HTC Desire is dependent on which protocol is used for your e-mail account. In other words, this is entirely up to the folder structure of your e-mail account. Whichever method you use for configuring your e-mail at the setup stage, the HTC’s mail application will configure your account’s folder structure according your own desktop preferences. Unfortunately, HTC’s Mail application does not allow for folder creation or modification within the app itself.

    The default view of the Mail application on the HTC Desire does not include sent items, as the ‘carousel’ at the bottom only includes ‘Received’, ‘Conversations’, ‘From Favorites’, ‘Unread’, ‘Marked’, ‘Meeting Invitations’ and ‘Attachments’. To reach the Sent Items folder, you have to first select the menu button and select ‘Folders’. Here you will find your sent messages folder. After selecting the folder, the Mail application has to refresh the page and will eventually show your sent e-mail messages, ready for you to interact with.

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    HTC Desire’s Mail Application

    The mail application on the HTC Desire is often praised for its looks and functionality. However, it is undeniable that is still not the be-all-end-all of mail apps on the various Android customizations. If HTC would allow for folder alteration or let users customize the carousel, the application would be a lot more user-friendly. As HTC keeps on improving its Sense interface, surely improvements will be made to the Mail app as well. Until then, the described method here is the best way for checking your sent e-mail messages on the HTC Desire.

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