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Guide to Rooting the HTC Inspire

If you have an Android phone, you always hear how rooting it is the best thing ever. Rooting your HTC Inspire can give you a lot of benefits or a lot of heartache. But what the heck is rooting? Why would you do it?

And what kind of consequences does rooting a phone have?

Choosing the Top HTC Trophy Apps

If you’re the owner of a brand new HTC Trophy, the first thing you will want to do is start loading it up with apps. Well, you’ve come to the right place — our list of the top 10 apps for your phone should get you started!

Facebook Button on Your Mobile: HTC Status Facebook Phone

Facebook is the biggest social networking website to date and every mobile phone platform has its own app version of the website. Some mobile phone manufacturers have taken it a step further by implementing a dedicated Facebook button. The HTC Status is among the new wave of Facebook phones.

Apps to Print from HTC Evo 4G

Whether you’d like to print the document that was quickly drafted up during a meeting or a snapshot of your baby doing something cute, printing from your Android is a possibility and allows for efficiency and better productivity. Download these apps to begin printing from the HTC Evo right away.

Top Ten HTC Tilt 2 Apps

As a proud owner of the HTC Tilt 2, there are ten must-have apps to download to your device! Read on to learn more about them and make your Windows mobile device, one of a kind.

How Do I Sideload Apps on the HTC EVO?

Downloading apps is an awesome way to add more features to your HTC EVO or any smartphone. But sometimes apps might not be found in the Android Market and then, you’re left feeling hurt. You wanted that app!

Try sideloading! What is that?

What Does the HTC Salsa Have to Offer?

The HTC Salsa is the newest candy bar mobile phone to attempt full Facebook integration coupled with the Android OS. HTC is always taking it a step further…can they go too far?