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Learn more about how to use your HTC Phone, reviews, comparisons and all the info you need to make the decision of what phone you want, as well as tips for faster use of the phone you have. HTC offers an impressive line up with popular phones such as the Droid, compatible with the Google Android operating system, and the Imagio for Windows Mobile. HTC phones are available for AT&T, Sprint and other carriers, and come with touch screens or type.
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Best HTC Droid Eris Apps

HTC’s Droid Eris has thousands of apps to choose from, but how is a person to know which are the best? Let us look at the three most useful apps available for HTC’s Droid Eris..

HTC Desire vs Nexus One

The HTC Desire and Google Nexus One are two great phones manufactured by HTC. The Nexus One was co-branded with Google but they both have similar features and specs, we pit the two phones against each other to find out which is the better HTC phone.

HTC Droid Incredible Review

A review of one of HTC’s phones for Verizon. It is a very nice and very powerful phone that many will enjoy!

HTC Magic Review (MyTouch 3G)

A review of the HTC Magic that is used by cell phone carriers world wide. A sleek versatile phone that will keep you happy for some time.

HTC Desire Review: An Awesome Android Smartphone

One of the greatest releases from HTC is reviewed here. Get ready to want one as we look at the HTC Desire. This Android smartphone has been hugely successful and taking a closer look it’s not hard to see why.

HTC Google Nexus One Reviewed

A review of the Android powered super-phone made by HTC for Google. Learn about the features, specs and costs of this phone and find out if it is right for you.