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HTC Tattoo Reviewed

This HTC Tattoo review reveals that this device is smaller but similar to the HTC EVO 4G. The HTC Tattoo is an accessible Android device that won’t break the bank. The HTC EVO 4G always seems to be out of stock, but the HTC Tattoo is the next best thing.

HTC Touch Themes Downloads

The HTC Touch’s large touchscreen display is perfect for displaying sleek and elegant HTC Touch themes. If you’re looking for the best HTC Touch themes, look no further. Here are 5 of them.

Preview of the HTC Touch Pro 3 (or Tera)

Coming Soon! To a carrier near you!

The success of the Touch Pro and Touch Pro2 phones is an unfathomable event. The Touch Pro3 was a rumored phone for some time, even mistaken as the HD2 at one point, but we’ve got the specs!

Review of Aldiko Book Reader App for Android

Aldiko Book Reader is a pretty great app for downloading and reading e-books, both paid and free on your Android phones. With most Android phones sporting big screen displays, they can easily serve as e-book readers as well. Read on to find out what the features of the Aldiko Book Reader are.

How to Flash that Touch Pro!

Ever wanted to get that Touch Pro out of the clutches of Verizon, Sprint, or the grasp of any other American carrier? Well have no fear, the solution is here!

Using a few quick pieces of software, I will show you how to quickly flash your Touch Pro and start up MightyROM, a ROM for the Touch Pro.

Five GREAT Applications for the HTC Touch Pro2

I don’t know about you, but I find the thousands upon thousands of apps scattered across the various websites for Windows Mobile are impossible to sift through to find what you need.

Instead, read this guide as we show you five applications worth your time, and they’re FREE!

A Look at Android on your Touch Pro2! How does it work?

Ever wanted to take a good look at Android, but can’t afford to just buy an Android phone? Don’t want the hassle of using an SDK emulator, but want a nearly full experience?

Do you have an HTC Touch Pro2? READ ON! Find out how to turn that WinMo phone into a Android smartphone!

CardStar App Review

This clever app helps you consolidate your cards and gives you access to real time deals for a smoother shopping experience.

What is the Best HTC Cell Phone?

HTC makes some fantastic phones, but which one is really the best? This article will go over a few of HTC’s top phones and name, in my opinion, the best HTC phone that is currently offered.