Google Android Device Reviews

Google Android Cell Phones are reviewed including a look at build factors, software offerings, and other aspects of Google Android and the phones the OS is installed on.

Quiz – Get Your Droid & Test Your Google Geekness

You love your Android phone, but do you really know it inside and out? What about Google Android in general? Put your little grey cells to the test and find out how well you really know your favorite gadget.

Comparing WP7 vs Android

Now that Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform has been out for a while, we take a look at how it compares with one of the leading mobile platforms – Android. Does Windows Phone 7 have what it takes to challenge Android? WP7 vs Android, which is the better mobile platform?

Google Nexus S Review: Is This a Smartphone Worth Your Money?

The Google Nexus S is one of the best Android smartphones in terms of hardware and is the first phone to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It offers everything you might want in a smartphone and a whole lot more besides. Does it have any flaws at all? Read our full Google Nexus S review to find out.