Android Development

  • How to Create a User Interface (UI) Using XML : Widgets

    Now it's time to see the widgets we have available in the Android platform. In the last part of this series of articles, we saw the "layouts", containers for these widgets.
    By Jbeerdev July 5, 2011 

  • How to Create Your UI Using DroidDraw

    Once we know the elements of the Android User Interface, we can use a tool to help us in this task: DroidDraw.
    By Jbeerdev July 5, 2011 

  • How to Use Spinners with Arrays in Android Development Environment

    A Spinner is a UI element similar to the “Select” statement in HTML: A list of elements to choose from. Let's work a bit with it.
    By Jbeerdev July 5, 2011 

  • How to Play Audio Files in the Google Android Programming Environment

    This tutorial will show you how to play audio files in your newly created Android applications. This can be particularly useful when creating games.
    By hardiks July 5, 2011 

  • Guide to Custom Themes for Android Apps

    A quick guide to learn how to create custom themes and apply them to your Google Android applications.
    By hardiks July 5, 2011 

  • Get the Real Google Experience on Android

    Android is an open source operating system that anyone with the know-how can slap onto any piece of hardware. If that piece of hardware has access to the Android Market, you know Google approves. If that hardware is labeled a Google Experience Device...
    By Doug Casey July 3, 2011 

  • What's Going on with the Open Handset Alliance?

    Back in November 2007 the Open Handset Alliance was created; bringing together all areas of the mobile industry to achieve one common goal. The idea was to produce cheaper phones, in a quicker time, with a rich and enhanced experience for users. But...
    By Wendy Finn June 17, 2011 

  • Using the Android Operating System

    If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about the Android OS for smartphones then you can find out all about it in this article. We take a look at the history and development of this mobile platform.
    By Simon Hill June 8, 2011 

  • Where to Sell Your Android Application is a website that allows Android app developers to buy and sell Android app copyrights. While it is the one of the first websites of its kind, is signing up worth the buying and selling? Can Android app developers make a nice enough...
    By JCTorpey May 24, 2011 

  • How to Reproduce Local Video Files in an Android Application

    In this article we will learn how to play local video files in your Android application by coding it yourself. Easy and useful for your multimedia applications.
    By Jbeerdev May 23, 2011 
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