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Android 4.0 from a Developer’s Perspective

Developers were reluctant to produce apps for Android 3.0 Honeycomb as it only appeared on one type of device — tablets. But with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich there is greater impetus on developers to take advantage of the tools introduced in this new combined mobile phone and tablet OS.

What is a Google Experience Device?

Android is an open source operating system that anyone with the know-how can slap onto any piece of hardware. If that piece of hardware has access to the Android Market, you know Google approves. If that hardware is labeled a Google Experience Device, you know Google took the lead in its creation.

Is There Any Future in the Open Handset Alliance?

Back in November 2007 the Open Handset Alliance was created; bringing together all areas of the mobile industry to achieve one common goal. The idea was to produce cheaper phones, in a quicker time, with a rich and enhanced experience for users. But is the OHA still achieving anything today?

A Look at the MIUI Android ROM on the Galaxy S

If you’ve got an Android phone, there’s a good chance that your phone comes with a version of Android customized by the manufacturer (like HTC’s Sense UI). If you’ve taken the steps to root your phone, then you’re probably aware you have more customization options, however, MIUI is a bit different.

Android Code to Access Web Services

The purpose of this article is to show Android developers an easy way to access web services using Android code. After that, I will add more interesting elements to the formula, elements that I think are important to use when we are accessing the Internet, like treating data using JSON libraries.

Unity Penelope on the Android

The iPhone Penelope tutorial and app from Unity works directly on your Android device – but here are some tips and common pitfalls you may run into while porting this app, originally designed for the iPhone, to Unity Android (beta).