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Let's Go Shopping! Retail Therapy with Android

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/19/2011

Even the thought of the weekly grocery shop is enough to fill some of us with dread, not to mention shopping in the holidays. There are some nice apps that can help by creating shopping lists, storing card info, comparing prices and even finding you the best gas prices around - stress free shop!

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    A lot of us don't see shopping as retail therapy, but maybe this guide on shopping with Android will be enough to change your mind. We take a look at a whole range of apps to help you before and after shopping, no matter what kind of shop you are off to do.

    The majority of apps cover grocery shopping and shopping lists which is where we start our guide, but even the shopping lists can be used for many occasions - even to do lists. Price comparison apps are another hot favorite, and we've brought together the best ones, and even some that can save you money by making use of coupons on your Android.

    We haven't forgotten the small stuff either such as keeping Christmas present lists private, storing those club cards on your phone, and even shopping around for the best gas prices before you leave the house. Pick up your bags, it's time to shop!

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    Top 5 Android Shopping List Apps

    Never forget anything when doing your grocery shop ever again. Many of these shopping list apps also have a barcode reader so all you need do is scan an empty packet before putting it in the trash and it'll get added to your list. To be even more organized there are apps that also let you order your items for ease of use when walking around the store.

    Use an Android Grocery App to Shop

    These apps are specific to grocery shopping, and as well as much of the functionality of the apps above, you can compare prices, and even scan items at the grocery store for price comparisons when you are out and about. As you shop, tap the item on the list that's now in your cart and it gets crossed off.

    Android Notepad Apps for Creating Lists

    If you want something a bit simpler from your shopping list then why not take advantage of these great notepad apps. You can also use them for to-do lists, or to note down prices when you are out shopping -- all those things you know you will forget when you get home!

    Review of Snaptell for Google Android

    Snaptell is one of those apps that once you have, you can't believe you've gone so long without. Although it has other uses, a great use for shoppers is to use it as a barcode scanner. Once scanned it will search for all the info on that product including product reviews, highest and lowest prices and even the location of where it is sold.

    Best Android Grocery Software

    As well as offering the expected shopping list function, the best grocery apps on Android offer some added functionality too. For example, you can store different lists depending on where you shop, and even sync them so your shopping lists can be shared, so your partner can add things they need too.

    Best Android Recipe Apps with Added Shopping Lists

    Some of the best recipe apps also work well to create shopping lists and we take a look at the best options here. Choose a recipe and use the shopping list feature to add the ingredients to the list -- many of them also allow you to edit, so if you already have something in your storecupboard it wouldn't have to stay on the list.

    ShopSavvy for Android

    As the name suggests, this useful little app helps you shop a little bit smarter -- turning you into a savvy shopper. Useful for those occasions when you are out shopping but the price is holding you back -- is there a better deal elsewhere? This app helps you with that and more, so you need never make a purchase you regret again.

    Find a Bargain with Price Comparison Apps

    This is a great round-up of your best apps for comparing prices, no matter what you are about to get your credit card out for. So although it's useful when you're out and about, you'll also find some nice options for booking cheaper flights. Or use it to show a store assistant what price a competitor is offering on a product and get them to price match it.

    Best Android Barcode Scanners

    If you haven't had your fill of price comparison apps or barcode scanners, then this selection combines the two. The greatest thing with the apps here is that you can search all kinds of stores including listings on eBay, Google and the like. Some of them even scan the libraries for books if you don't want to purchase them.

    Best Android Coupon Apps

    You can save money when shopping, by doing more than just price comparisons as they money-saving apps for Android will show you. No need for any coupon clipping again, all the info you need is stored on your phone. Many apps also offer the added ability to point you in the direction of the nearest store where you can redeem the coupon, for example.

    Best Android Calculator Apps

    If you've ever been in the position when shopping that you can't get to grips with working out the sales discounts, or how much sales tax will be added on at the checkout, then a simple calculator app can be your saving grace.

    Store your Club Cards on the Key Ring App

    We all know that club and loyalty cards are a great way to save money and get special deals, but carrying around a wallet-full of them probably puts you off carrying them around. Fear not, dear Android user as the Key Ring app for Android lets you store all the information you need right on your phone.

    a Wallet for Google Android Review

    The a Wallet app is a versatile little tool for keeping information safe, whether it be credit card numbers, or for keeping that list of Christmas presents you've brought away from prying eyes. Everything is password protection, so you have no security worries at all.

    Yellowbook Android App Review

    Shopping can often be a stressful time for some of us (especially during the holiday season), so let Yellowbook take the strain out of the small stuff by finding the appropriate stores you need to find, and giving you directions on how to get there.

    Find the Lowest Priced Gas in your Area with GasBuddy

    With the ever-increasing prices in gas you need something on your side -- let's face it driving around looking for the best prices is more than a little counterintuitive. From your local area, or even your zip code this app will provide you with the latest prices so you can be prepared before you hop in the car -- more money saved for the shopping trip!

    Is there an app that you wouldn't be without when shopping? In our shopping guide we've tried to cover a range of different apps that may help, but if we've missed out your favorite, please leave us a comment.