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Top Ten Soundboard Apps for Android

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 8/3/2011

The Android Market is filled with soundboard apps that take quotes from popular TV shows, characters or celebrities. We had a look at these Android soundboards and made a list of the best. Read on to find out which they are!

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    The Purpose of Soundboard Apps

    Although the Android Market is filled with all kinds of applications intended to make your life a little easier, some are simply there to make you laugh or goof around a bit. Soundboard apps are exactly that kind of application, as they reproduce the best audio tidbits from your favorite show, movie, celebrity or character. As soundboard apps are usually nothing more than a few pages of buttons with corresponding sounds, there are a vast amount of them available in the Market.

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    The Big Lebowski Soundboard

    The Big Lebowski Soundboard The Big Lebowski is without a doubt one of those movies that received a huge following because of its quotes (amongst other aspects). Naturally, a soundboard version of the ‘Dude’ character is a logical result of this popularity. The Big Lebowski Soundboard is full of sound files taken straight from the movie, which makes for a bit of a mixed result in audio quality. Nevertheless, all the good ones are there and you will certainly have fun coming across and reliving your favorite parts of your favorite movie.

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    Austin Powers Soundboard

    Austin Powers Soundboard The Austin Powers soundboard is based on, you guessed it, the Austin Powers movies. Although not nearly living up to its full potential, this soundboard nevertheless holds the funniest and most famous quotes. Characters that are included are of course Austin Powers himself but Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard are also there. The audio files themselves are of acceptable quality making the app quite enjoyable, but probably only for the true Austin Powers fans.

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    Fat Bastard Soundboard

    Fat Bastard Soundboard Although Fat Bastard was already included in the Austin Powers soundboard, the character is one of the favorite characters from the movie series. Therefore he definitely deserves his own soundboard. The amount of audio bites go way beyond what was already present in the Austin Powers soundboard, which Fat Bastard fans will, without a doubt, appreciate. All the favorite quotes are here, spread out over three, nicely filled tabs. So if you are a fan of the Austin Powers movies, but especially of the Fat Bastard character, then this soundboard app is for you.

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    Bender Soundboard

    Bender Soundboard For many, ‘Bender’ is the best character from the Futurama series. It would therefore not be a surprise to know that he has his own soundboard app filled with audio quotes. This obnoxious and often vulgar robot from the year 3000 is famous for his funny quotes and slowly became the character that made the series as popular as it is now. Although not all his quotes are available in the app, the most important and funny ones definitely are, making any Bender fan a satisfied Android user.

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    The Office Soundboard

    The Office Soundboard The Office is one of the most popular TV shows of recent times and now that Steve Carell has left the show you can download yourself a nice souvenir. Although the soundboard is filled with many of Carell’s or ‘Michael’s’ best moments, the rest of the cast is present as well. This soundboard is perhaps not very well organized and the various characters are all mixed up, but you can still have fun finding quotes you may have forgotten over time.

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    Dwight Soundboard

    Dwight Soundboard Dwight might just be the funniest character from The Office, and his unusual style rightfully earned him a large following. If you like The Office and especially the ‘Dwight Schrute’ character, then you should head straight for this soundboard app. Not only do you get the best of Dwight, you get lots of it too, much more than in The Office app itself. Dwight Schrute is one of the funniest current TV show characters and now starring in a soundboard app on your Android phone!

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    Mario Soundboard & Jukebox

    Mario Soundboard & Jukebox The Mario Soundboard & Jukebox is by far the best of its kind -- or at least the one with the largest database of sounds. Not only does the app distinguish the sound by game, going up all the way to ‘New Super Mario Brothers,’ it provides full theme sounds as well -- sometimes lasting minutes. The app has its own sound player built-in so that you can pause the ‘songs’ or easily skip through them. Mario fans looking for a soundboard app will be delighted with this one. Now your favorite Mario sounds are readily available and organized right for you, so you can relive part of your youth through this Mario Soundboard & Jukebox from the Android Market.

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    Cheech and Chong Soundboard

    Cheech and Chong Soundboard Although for some, Cheech and Chong might be a bit immature or outdated, for most, this soundboard is a trip down memory lane. Many will remember Cheech and Chong as the ‘original potheads,’ making this Android app a nice little souvenir of the show they enjoyed in their younger years. The app is nicely organized and sound bites are divided among those from Cheech and those from Chong. Even Sister Mary has a few quotes in this application, making it a ‘must-have’ for Cheech and Chong fans.

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    Superbad – Seth Soundboard

    Superbad Soundboard Although the title may suggest that this soundboard only holds ‘Seth’ quotes from the movie ‘Superbad’, it also holds quotes from the other characters too. Although Seth alone has enough good quotes to fill a soundboard, the addition of some of the other characters makes this app really worthwhile. Superbad fans will want this soundboard application on their Android phones as it holds the most memorable quotes from the movie. As Superbad is filled with funny lines and characters, this soundboard is amongst the best ones available in the Android Market.

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    Family Guy Soundboard

    Family Guy Soundboard This list of the best Android soundboards would not be complete without a Family Guy application. Like any of the soundboards discussed here, this app is ‘fan-only’, but definitely worthwhile. As Family Guy is hugely popular for its large variety of quotes, it is hard to create a good app. Admittedly, the app is not living up to its full potential, but Family Guy fans will nevertheless appreciate what is on offer here. Characters divide the app so that it is easy to find your favorite quotes. Each sound bit can also be used as a ringtone or notification sound and managed straight from within the app. If the developer could increase the amount of quotes a bit, this soundboard app would be among the best in the Market.

    Soundboard apps are obviously a fan-only affair as they are tailored for a certain field of admirers. As such, this list is also highly subjective and you may find many better options that better correspond with your tastes. Nevertheless, these ten soundboard apps are all relatively well worked out and amongst the best of their kind. The Mario Soundboard & Jukebox is definitely the best option here as it is the most advanced soundboard app with a very rich vault of Mario sounds throughout the years. The app is a good example on how a soundboard app can function as an audio overview of the series throughout the years. Whatever your favorites may be, there is always a good chance you will find a soundboard for it in the Android Market!

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