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Android Apps for IT Workers

written by: Steve McFarlane•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/13/2011

IT personnel need tools to help them identify network, hardware and software problems before they can start to fix those problems. Here are some Android apps for IT workers.

  • slide 1 of 6 Speed Test Speed Test 

    One of the variables that can affect the performance of an Android phone or tablet is the overall performance of the network on which it is operating. Mobile service providers often, and will continue to, make claims about how fast and superior their network speeds are, you can use to verify these claims for yourself by testing the average upload download speeds of the Android device, providing that it is within the 0 to 10Mbits range. Speedtest can also test the quality of a connection with a ping test.

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    Website Speed Test

    website speed 

    Troubleshooting a network issue and finding bottlenecks can be challenging but this website speed test app can help website administrators to find ways to optimize the mobile version of the websites they are responsible for. This app can be used to test the speed at which a web page loads, and even compare the page load speeds of two pages to determine which is the fastest by measuring average load time, and lapse time. The app can also be used to see how changes on a site are affecting that site’s performance using the test history feature.

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    Phone Tester

    Phone Tester 

    Being able to quickly and easily identify the source of a malfunction or performance-impeding problem is key to saving time and money. Use Phone Tester to view hardware and software information from your phone and determine if something is wrong with it. Phone Tester can identify problems with:

    • Sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass...)
    • Wi-Fi (internal & external IP, gateway, DHCP server...)
    • GPS (latitude, longitude, speed...)
    • Battery
    • Multi-touch screen

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    If you lose your files because of a user error or malware you will be happy if you have a readily accessible backup online. Dropbox allows users to sync their files between computers and mobile devices, as well as keep a copy online. Once you use the service to save your photos, videos and files, you can recover any lost file if something goes wrong with the original that is saved on your computer or phone and even share a link to the file with others.

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    LogMeIn Ignition

    LogMeIn Ignition 

    No roundup of Android apps for IT workers is complete without a remote desktop client. LogMeIn Ignition allows IT professionals to remotely access one or more computers once there is a network connection and the support personnel has access rights to the computer. Because the app can be used to transfer files, and take control of remote computers, it can be an invaluable tool for technical support personnel who need to help users, who are in other locations, to solve computer (MAC and PC) related problems without the need to be physically present at the user’s computer.

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