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Best Android Horoscope Apps

written by: Shawn Drew•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/22/2011

Your horoscope can give you some guidance on how to approach each day, so why not harness the power of your Android device to get your horoscope sent to your phone each morning. The Android Market has a number of intricate horoscope programs for you to choose from.

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    Android Horoscope Apps

    If there is one thing that the Android Market has no shortage of, it's horoscope apps. There are dozens of small, free applications that will give you a quick look into the future based on your birthday. Most of these applications will use the Zodiac to determine your horoscope, but others will use the Chinese Zodiac or even Numerology to determine your fortune. Even if you don't believe in the accuracy of these forecasts, reading your horoscope can still be a bit of fun, just to see what it has to say. To narrow down all the available Android horoscope apps to just these seven, I tried to find a group of programs that would appeal to the broadest base of people. If you are into reading your horoscope, one of these seven programs will get the job done. If you don't like any of these applications, or if they don't tell you what you want to hear, there are still some very popular horoscope programs out there, that might be more your style.

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    7. Work Horoscopes

    Work Horoscopes Work Horoscopes is actually one part of three applications. The application lets you set your sign, gender and region of the world, along with picking your desired astrological symbol icon. You can access today's horoscope, along with yesterday's, to see how accurate it was, and tomorrow's, to see how you should plan your week. The information in the Work Horoscopes app is centered around your work life, although there are two companion applications, Love Horoscopes, which centers around your love life, and Horoscopes, which gives a general horoscope. The horoscope app also give your a percentage of where to focus your interests for the day over eight different categories. At the very bottom of the screen, you get your power numbers and a list of people born that day. Having a horoscope app that focuses just on business, or love, can be a handy tool for anyone looking for specific information. You can get the Work Horoscopes application from the Android Market.

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    6. Numerology

    Numerology This free application gives you your numerological horoscope for the day. The horoscopes are derived from numerological principles, based on the current date and your birth date. The horoscope will give you your daily number, and a traditional horoscope, containing work, love and life suggestions. There aren't any bells and whistles with this application, but it is extremely easy to use. If you are looking for a numerological horoscope, you can get Numerology from the Android Market.

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    5. Chinese Horoscope

    Chinese Horoscope The Chinese zodiac is a little different then the standard zodiac, with the Chinese one being based on your birth year, instead of your birthday. Just pick your Chinese Zodiac animal, and your horoscope will load. If you don't know what your symbol is, an "About" section in the menu will give a list of dates for each sign, along with a detailed explanation of what the sign means. Chinese Zodiac can give you daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes. The horoscopes themselves contain information about money, love, random events and even suggestions on what kind of things to eat. If you need to stay up to date on your Chinese horoscope, you can get the application from the Android Market.

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    4. Horoscope Widget

    Horoscope Widget If you need to quickly access your horoscope, but don't want to launch an entire application, Horoscope Widget is the answer. This widget takes up four slots on a home screen in order to display a summary of your daily horoscope. If the information piques your interest, you can select the widget to launch a full-screen text of your daily horoscope. In addition to information about your life, the horoscope rates your horoscope in three different areas: love, work and finance. Horoscope Widget takes advantage of some of the best features of the Android OS, and you can get the application from the Android Market.

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    3. Daily Horoscope

    Daily Horoscope Daily Horoscope is a powerful little Android horoscope app that gives you a bunch of information about several types of horoscopes. When you launch the application you get a screen with each of the standard zodiac symbols on it. Touch your symbol to access your daily horoscope, and use the arrows at the top of the screen to access the horoscopes for previous days. Daily Horoscope also gives you access to the yearly Chinese horoscope for 2011 and 2010. The application also gives you an overall horoscope based on your Druid tree horoscope, and includes a way to look up your Druid tree, on the off chance that you don't know it by heart. Finally, this horoscope app lets you select two different zodiac signs to see how two people with the respective signs will work together. Daily Horoscope comes with a home screen widget, but all it does is launch the program so it's kind of pointless. If you want an in-depth horoscope with a few extra features, you can download Daily Horoscope from the Android Market.

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    2. Horoscopes

    Horoscopes The simply titled Horoscopes, is one of the most well-rounded Android horoscope apps out there. The app provides a daily and weekly horoscope for both your standard zodiac symbol and your Chinese zodiac symbol. It also provides additional information about each of your signs, broken down into several categories. Horoscopes even goes a step further and gives you information about your biorhythm, which gives you physical, mental and emotional advice based on the three biorhythm cycles. The biorhythm area also tells you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you have lived. Horoscopes is fairly easy to use and has a sleek look to it. When you factor in the wealth of information in this application, it comes in as one of the best Android horoscope apps out there. You can get the Horoscopes application from the Android Market.

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    1. Horoscope and Tarot

    Horoscope and Tarot The Horoscope and Tarot application looks to go further than just give you a simple horoscope, and combined with the sleek interface and widget features, this makes it the best Android horoscope app out there. The application gives you daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for both your standard horoscope and your love-centered horoscope. It also gives you a daily planet overview at the bottom of each horoscope. The app also gives you a minor Tarot reading, where you enter your name and choose three cards. Horoscope and Tarot also works with to provide physic answers, although there will almost certainly be a charge for these services. Horoscope and Tarot also provides a home screen widget that gives you a quick version of your horoscope, which you can then select to read your entire horoscope. With all its features, if there is just one Android horoscope app to have, this would be the one. You can download the Horoscope and Tarot app from the Android Market.

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