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Top 9 Killer Android Apps

written by: Regina Woodard•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/10/2011

The Android system is becoming a fairly popular one and for those users with Android phones, finding apps that meet their daily work and social needs is important. Here, we'll take a look at 9 killer Android apps that can help you in your daily interactions.

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    Android OS

    Backed by the mega giant Google, Android powered phones - and now tablets - are gaining in popularity. They afford a high level of convenience for Google users, allowing for one username applications and cross overs with both the Internet and web based products to their mobile phones.

    For some people, their cell or smartphone isn't just a phone used to call people. With more and more programs and applications making their way to our phones, calling people isn't just a mainstay. Many use their phones for social networking, checking e-mail, playing games, listening to music, watching videos, and for them, having the best app to do that with is essential.

    Here, we'll look at 9 killer Android apps that you can download for your Android that will help with all those things you actually need a phone for.

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    1. Good Morning

    Top 9 Killed Android Apps For anyone who wants to have a better alarm clock than the stock clock on their Android device, Good Morning is a great one to have. Depending on the phone and the service provider, users may already have this installed, and it's well worth trying. The free version allows you to choose a song or alarm, choose a time, as well as choosing a greeting that you would like for the system to say when the alarm goes off.

    In the pro version, users are able to sync their calendar so that the alarm greeting will tell you what you have on the agenda for the day. Both versions will state the time and weather if the user chooses. Both the free and paid versions can be found in the Android Market.

    [Download Link]

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    2. Amazon's Kindle

    Top 9 Killer Android Apps Amazon's Kindle has been around for quite some time, but only with its release for mobile phone systems and the desktop and laptop world, has it become so easy to get. The Kindle app for Android is free, though it will require an account with Amazon in order to download or purchase books.

    The good thing about this app is the many free versions of classic novels that can be downloaded either by phone or through the Amazon site itself. This author personally has Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, Sleepy Hollow, and Dracula as some of the books on the Android app. The app can be downloaded from either Amazon itself or the Android Market.

    [Download Link]

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    3. Pandora

    As someone who has used their various cell phones as music players, Pandora is probably one of the best Android radio apps and it's free to boot. Counted as being your own personal radio station, Pandora allows for you to pick your favorite song and then the player will play tracks that best fit that type of music.Top 9 Killer Android Apps 

    Unlike a radio station though, if a song comes on that you don't like, you can either skip it or tell the app that you don't like it. It will then never play that song on that particular station again. All that's required is a free Pandora download and the app can be accessed anywhere after - on the main website, your Android and other phones as well, and your desktop computer.

    Pandora can be found either on the main site or at the Android Market.

    [Download Link]

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    4. Yahoo! Mail

    Top 9 Killer Android Apps Yahoo Mail users can rejoice, as checking their Yahoo account can be done with an easy app. This app is like a mini version of the web browser e-mail system, allowing for checking of the inbox, as well as viewing folders, adding folders, and emptying the spam folder.

    E-mails can of course be sent from your phone and there is even the option of changing your signature so that even when you send from your phone, no one will ever know (unless you tell them). You can even access your Yahoo Messenger account if you wish. Yahoo! Mail for Android can be found in the Android Market.

    [Download Link]

    On the next page, we'll look at five more killer Android apps, including PayPal, Quick Settings, and social networking apps.

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    More Killer Android AppsIn this second page, we'll look at five more killer Android apps that users can download to their phone. Among them are three apps for social networking, Pay Pal for finances and banking, and Quick Settings, an easy way to get to your phone's settings like display, Wi-Fi, and mobile connectivity.
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    5. Quick Settings

    Do you hate having to go through five different screens just to turn on your Wi-Fi on your phone? Wish there was a way to just turnTop 9 Killer Android Apps  down the brightness without going through settings, display, etc? Then you should think about getting Quick Settings.

    Quick Settings works as a widget on your Android that gives you quick access to all of those mostly used, but hard to get at, functions of your phone. With a quick tap, you can instantly have access to your ringer volume (such as controlling volume and mute options), Wi-Fi access, and mobile data.

    [Download Link]

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    6-8. Social Networking

    You really can't talk about awesome and killer Android apps if you don't go over the whole gambit of social networking. Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have taken off, being used not just for the family and friends, but for businesses and companies as well. Often times we'll see something that needs to be shared or be waiting for something and need to tell people about it. The list goes from number 6 to number 8 here on social networks.

    6. FacebookTop 9 Killer Android Apps 

    This app will probably already be installed on to your Android phone, but if not, it can also be downloaded from the Android Market. Facebook, being one of the most popular social networks, allows users to not only see their notifications, but post right from their phone without needing to even open the app. You can also view the last few news feeds, as well as checking in if you're out and about.

    [Download Link]

    Top 9 Killer Android Apps 7. Twitter

    Twitter is another popular social network, allowing for 140 character 'tweets' to tell the world what's going on. Again, this app may already be installed on your phone, but if not, it can also be downloaded from the market. The app itself, like Facebook, allows for users to reply to tweets, as well as view their timelines, reply and direct message their followers or follow people that they like.

    [Download Link]

    8. TweetDeck

    If you love social networks, but find it hard to keep up with them on a phone, then try TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a one stop shop for socialTop 9 Killer Android Apps  networks, giving you updates for all the favorites - FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter - as well as allowing you to have multiple accounts that can be checked (such as if you have professional and personal accounts). It can also be found in the market.

    [Download Link]

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    9. PayPal

    Top 9 Killer Android Apps PayPal is a free to use online banking website that allows for you to receive or send money to any person you wish. Many auction sites, such as eBay and Amazon, use PayPal in order to give their customers a bit of safety when it comes to shopping online; online websites may also pay members by use of PayPal instead of directly (though it is still user's choice).

    The best thing about PayPal for the Android is the ability to use your pin number to enter the mobile site instead of using your username and password. A pin number is a six digit number that you enter while on your mobile phone, allowing users to quickly punch in numbers instead of filling out the entire e-mail address. You can not only check your account, but you can send money to others as well.

    [Download Link]

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    These are of course just nine of the killer Android apps that can be found and used; there are thousands of apps within the Android Market that can provide users with just about everything they need, from language and study apps, to comics, to news, to entertainment. The great thing is that everyone's phone and habits will be different, allowing for a greater amount of customization all around.

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