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Best Android 1.6 Apps

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 4/9/2011

These are the best Android 1.6 apps with intelligent, innovative and groundbreaking features to turn your Android 1.6 OS into a super device. These apps keep you current, as well as being extremely functional and efficient, all around the clock. Explore these great apps right away.

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    Android 1.6 Apps

    Here we have narrowed down the most outstanding apps available for the Android 1.6 OS. These apps will put your smartphone into high motion, giving you access to things you never imagine could be done on your phone. We have provided a list of features for each, to demonstrate why they made this best pick list. Check out what we have and choose your favorite!

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    SoundHound SoundHound is a great app for music lovers; it's fun and simple to use, and more significantly, super sensitive and highly intelligent. SoundHound app searches, discovers and recognizes music by lyrics, artiste, tune name, singing and even humming. It is described by its developers as the world's fastest music recognition tool, it can recognize and name a song, playing in as little as four seconds.

    With this app, there are also geotagging options for your Android, for sharing music and video data with friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send purchase links, YouTube videos, top pick songs and artiste biographies. It has bunch of other features to help you get the most of your SoundHound music recognition experience, with your Android 1.6 OS.

    [Download Link]

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    AddressBook for Android 1.6

    address book - android 1.6 This is no ordinary address book; it combines the features of a typical address book, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even YouTube in one super package. This way everyone on your Android’s contact list can see updates, posts and notifications of any activity on your social networking pages. This is the ultimate social networking, marketing and PR app for the Android 1.6.

    [Download Link]

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    Where's My Droid?

    Wheres My Droid This Android 1.6 app is perfect for the absent minded user, and simply for individuals who just love cool apps. Wheres My Droid, allows you to locate your phone in the event it is misplaced. By sending a custom emergency text to your phone, it will turn ON the ringer (if it was previously OFF), turn up the volume and ring for your attention. Also, there is a GPS location feature, with which another emergency text can be customized and sent to your phone to show the phone's location - this can be done from a PC or another smartphone device. Additional features include pass code protection to prevent unauthorized uses and changes, vibration+ringing alert, automatic volume reset, also bearing and speed info. for the phone's location and heading, through GPS.

    [Download Link]

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    ScoreMobile for Android

    ScoreMobile for Android ScoreMobile provides the best updates on sport scores, stats, news, coverages, blogs, and much more, as it pertains to football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, auto racing, tennis, cricket and soccer worldwide. It keeps you current with all that’s taking place in the world of sports so you never miss a beat. This app is very impressive, a complete sports guide and informant.

    [Download Link]

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    A round up of great apps for the Android 1.6 (aka Donut) smartphone - our list has SoundHound, Wheres My Droid, ScoreMobile, Facebook for Android, InBrowser, Hot Apps, Paltalk, Voice Action and many more. Check out their amazing features and what they have to offer then choose your favorite - download links are made available for your convenience.
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    ABC+BBC+CNN Mobile News

    ABC+BBC+CNN Mobile News This Android app provides all the news, reviews, hot topics and commentaries on CNN, BBC and ABC broadcasting stations, right on your Android 1.6 smartphone. These reports include photos for quick peeks and informed visual updates. Among some of the areas covered for each station are: Top Stories, Most Read Stories, Headlines, Headline News, Health Headlines, World News, ESPN sports, Good Morning America and much more.

    [Download Link]

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    Facebook for Android

    This Facebook for android Facebook app for Android gives you widespread mobile interaction and capabilities with Facebook from a smartphone. It is easier for you now to stay connected and share with friends, with better access to updating your Facebook page from your phone’s home screen. You can chat with your friends, check out your news feed, review upcoming events, look at your friends' walls and user info, check in to the Facebook market place, upload photos, share links, check your messages, and watch videos. The accessibility speed it great, and the new and improved interface is alluring.

    [Download Link]

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    InBrowser - Incognito Browsing

    InBrowser - Incognito Browsing InBrowser hides your browser history, allowing private/ incognito browsing on your Android 1.6; no data is saved, so no one can see which sites you've visited. Once you return to the home page on your device, all the browser records are automatically removed. You can use your phone even more freely now with this special secret app and never worry who is checking up on you.

    [Download Link]

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    Voice Actions

    Voice Actions ∞ Voice Actions simply allows you to talk to your Android 1.6 and instruct it to perform certain tasks. This app can voice dial your contacts, send text and email messages, retrieve news, search for apps, find locations, set alarms, find videos, images and much more. If the app appears to be 'slacking off', you can even demand it to work better by telling it to - speak louder or speak faster, read incoming SMS, Reply, speak Chinese and much more. Its a lot of fun; your sure to enjoy Voice Actions.

    [Download Link]

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    Paltalk Video

    Paltalk Video This app works on the Android 1.6 OS and is the first Android application to offer multi view video capability in a chat room. With Paltalk Video, you can view webcam videos, listen in and speak with other Paltalk members and send photos. The app gives you access to thousands of video chat rooms right from you Android smartphone. The picture quality is pretty decent, although audio and video streaming may have some interference. See how it works for you, the download is free.

    [Download Link]

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    The top apps for the Android 1.6, a list of features and functions to help your choose. Check out - Wheres My Droid, ScoreMobile, Facebook for Android, ABC/BBC/CNN Mobile News, InBrowser, Hot Apps, Paltalk, Voice Action, Justin Bieber Wallpaper, SoundHound, Address Book for Android 1.6 and explore the download links for each.
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    Justin Bieber Backgrounds

    Justin Bieber Backgrounds Yes, this made our list of best Android 1.6 apps and I am certain most of you will agree. This teen sensation seems to be taking over the world and now aims at taking over your phones.

    This app has countless wallpaper pictures of Justin Bieber, in concerts, with fans, along with other official photos, and a few with other celebrities including Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga.

    There are also abstract backgrounds, games and gaming wallpapers, movie wallpapers, Jaguar cars backgrounds, abstract wallpapers, wolves backgrounds, cars wallpapers, BMW wallpapers, kitty backgrounds, cats and cute kitty wallpapers, flower wallpapers and many more.

    This app is like a photo album, it gives you peek into the world of this superstar and his friends; some of the photos are quite personal while others are staged shots.

    [Download Link]

  • slide 14 of 17 XBOX Live Friends XBOX Live Friends This app allows you to keep in touch with your XBOX 360 friends while you are out and about. Also, the application can generate notifications when gamer tags appear online. Additional features include in-app messages to friends, live friends list imports, a quick reset button and great speed.

    Upon reviewing XBOX Live Friends, it appears whenever you install new updates it freezes the app, so you may want to avoid installing these updates for now.

    [Download Link]

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    Hot Apps: Best Android Apps

    Hot Apps- Best Android Apps A great way to end our list of best Android 1.6 apps, is with nothing other that Hot Apps – this app has the newest and best apps available in the Android Market; you will find a variety of apps and the version of Android OS they support. Hot App's sole purpose is to provide fresh, new and hot apps for your phone. It uses algorithms to give you top apps from independent developers. It has a stunning interface, provides great speed and is very user friendly.

    A slight downside with this app is it tends to drain battery power, you may want to cut your search short or boot up with a power cord while you pan through Hot Apps.

    [Download Link]

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    The End

    Hope you enjoyed our selection! Take advantage of Hot Apps and look further for more amazing and fresh apps for your Android smartphone. If you have any great options you would like to share, then go right ahead. My favorite Android 1.6 apps are SoundHound, Voice Actions, Wheres My Droid, ABC+BBC+CNN Mobile News and Facebook for Android.

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