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Best Android 1.5 Apps

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/2/2011

Here is a list of the best available apps for the Android 1.5 OS, a few highlighted features so you know what they are all about and if you’re getting your money's worth. However, many on our list here are free!

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    Android 1.5 Apps

    There is a very exciting list of Android 1.5 apps to choose from. The dynamics of this platform in combination with some groundbreaking apps can put your device in high gear. We will uncover a few apps that demonstrate pure ingenuity and exceptional performance, as well as high functionality.

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    LogMeIn Ignition

    LogMeIn Ignition is an intelligent app that allows users to remotely access their PC from their Android 1.5 LogMeIn Ignition smartphone. All your programs, documents, downloads, files, contacts, photos etc. that exist on your computer are discoverable and can be controlled by scrolling through a few icons on your smartphone. The access screen looks exactly like your computer's and navigation through the various modes is very intuitive and flexible i.e. mouse movement, opening files and windows etc. With this app you can access more than one computer anywhere, at any time and run business applications like CRM, ERP, Sales force, Microsoft Office, XL and so on. In addition, it supports multiple monitor switching, full onscreen keyboard and sound streaming.

    Installation and activation is quite simple, you will need to create an account with, purchase the LogMeIn Ignition app from the Android Market then install the LogMeIn free software on the computer/s. While this app got great reviews as being one of the best Android remote desktop apps available, there are issues with connection speed and speed of transferring files.

    [Download Link]

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    Talk to Me Cloud

    This multilingual app is the ultimate language translator system for Android 1.5 smartphones. It translatestalk to me  your input text or speech demand for seven different languages and presents either text or speech translations back to you. Response time is quick so you can have a free flowing conversation easily. For optimized functionality, you can set your home screen as a Talk to Me widget. Initiation is simple, just input the text or speak a phrase, choose from a list of languages, then tap the translation button and the app translates the phrase back to you in the preferred language. It supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and provides textual translation for Japanese and Chinese. Everyone loves this app -- it's highly intelligent, accurate and a 'must have' for foreign trips.

    [Download Link]

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    App Protector Pro

    This app offers complete protection of any application on your Android 1.5 phone. You can lock your private App Protecter Pro SMS and e-mail messages plus photos, files and any app you choose. App Protector Pro locks prescribed files and leaves others for public access in the event someone else uses your phone. This app does not lock the entire functionality of your phone, only what you require. You have the option of locking with a password or pattern, an automatic lock mode or manual lock mode, widgets for quick locking and unlocking, Locale and Tasker plug-ins and password recovery. On evaluation, App Protector Pro often experiences small glitches but otherwise works very well.

    [Download Link]

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    Congress is a great app to keep you abreast with what’s happening in the world of politics. You can find Congress representatives in your area, see how they vote, read up on bills, stay on top of live floor activities and upcoming committee hearings and get notifications of new events. On the downside, legislators can only be contacted through their offices and not personally through e-mails, you can only find a representative by their location and you will have to manually enable notifications. Otherwise, this app is very informative and keeps you close to political developments.

    [Download Link]

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    A round up selection of the best Android 1.5 apps for your smartphone, more than 10 apps to kick your Android 1.5 into top gear. Our list includes Handcent, HD Wallpaper, Moviefone, Talk to Me, LogMeIn Ignition, Walk and Talk and many more. There's a full description of each so you know if they are right for you, also check out download links to install them to your smartphone right away.
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    Walk and Text

    Walk and Text is one of the most exciting Android 1.5 apps. This ingenious walk and text app allows you to see what is going on in front of you while typing, you can walk and move about in the middle of typing and still see what is going on in the background. It uses the phone’s camera and an invisible touch screen keyboard to show a full live background display. It works in portrait and landscape modes and has a flashlight to assist in dark conditions.

    You can choose a keyboard style, hide the keyboard and icons for better viewing and change the color of the soft tone keyboard and the text as well. Also, if you prefer, you can stop the camera while typing if it becomes too distracting.

    There are a few limits to this app, as it can only send outgoing messages, you will have to use the standard client to view replies of e-mails, SMS, Twitter and Facebook messages. Certain users had difficulty downloading this app so make sure that your smartphone is compatible -- it runs on the Android 1.5 OS and above.

    [Download Link]

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    Handcent SMS

    This is the ultimate messaging tool for optimized communication on an Android 1.5 smartphone. This fully handcent customizable app supports 20 languages, group messaging, photo attachment editing, photo and video sharing and full SMS, MMS, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook messaging. It has quite a variety of fonts, emoticons/smileys, backgrounds, skins, themes, and chat box styles. Along with a built-in spell checker, security lock, backup/restore settings and a handcent privacy box that can help you hide and password protect threads and private conversations. This app is fully loaded and may slow down your phone; there are some observations about this app not allowing multitasking.

    [Download Link]

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    HD Wallpapers

    As the name suggests, this app provides high definition wallpapers for your Android 1.5 smartphone.HD Wallpapers  Wallpapers are simple and quick to download and are customized exclusively for your phone. You can share your favorite wallpaper with friends through e-mail or on Twitter as well as recommend a few. Some categories of background include celebrities, animals, nature, space, transformers, underwater, 3D, anime, avatars, sports, bikes, Disney, travel, zodiac symbols and high end cars - Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche to name a few. The backgrounds are downloaded from the Internet, so you need an Internet connection whenever doing so. This app got incredible reviews; people love the high quality and selection of the images available.

    [Download Link]

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    Moviefone - Movies & Showtimes

    Moviefone is the ultimate movie and show time guide; you can view trailers and find out whichMoviefone - Movies & Showtimes  movies are showing near you. Also, invite friends, post a movie to your Facebook or Twitter account and interact with friends about it. The app provides maps and directions to theaters across the U.S. - It has over 300,000 movies and thousands of photos and movie trailers. With Moviefone, you can even purchase a ticket through without redirecting to your browser or PC. In addition, you can check out movie reviews from critics, read celebrity biographies, and view their photos as well. This app has great reviews; users love the trailer features and its efficiency.

    [Download Link]

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    Here are some great Android 1.5 apps for your smartphone with an insightful description of each, so you know whether to download to your phone. Over 10 of the best apps exclusive for the Android 1.5, we look at Jorte, Best Wisdom Quotes, App to QR, Moviefone, App Protector Pro, HD Wallpaper and many many more. You can test them on your phone right away with available download links.
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    Best Wisdom Quotes

    Share some wisdom with friends and family or even give yourself a boost with some wise words fromBest Wisdom Quotes - Free  some very influential people. This app has over 3,000 of the most insightful and inspiring quotes by the world's greatest leaders and thinkers: Aristotle, Einstein, Gandhi, Lincoln and many others. Search for quotes by author or categories, if there are quotes you are familiar with but you are uncertain about the author, you can also refer to this app. It also comes with a bunch of great graphics, fonts and a voice-over feature.

    [Download Link]

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    Jorte is a highly functional personal organizer with great appeal and customized styles from which you Jorte can choose. What make this organizer stand out from the rest is its attractive style and resourcefulness. Schedule entries are colored coded and support a wide variety of widgets for easy viewing and good organization. Jorte is designed for allowing multiple entries at a time, some of which include important special dates (public holiday, birthdays, anniversaries etc.), to do lists, appointments, reminders, tasks, notes and much more. Also, Jorte can be controlled using Google Voice and interact with Google Maps as well as synchronize with Google calendar. Jorte has superb reviews as it surpasses everyone’s expectations for an Android personal organizer. It works well and is packed with great enhancement features.

    [Download Link]

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    APP to QR

    App to QR is designed for the Android 1.5 OS. It is a simple and straightforward app thatapp 2QR  allows you to show the QR code for an app and send it via e-mail or Twitter to a desired recipient for them to easily download. QR codes are quick shortcuts to installing your favorite apps to your Android smartphone, now you can quickly download and test apps as well as share them with friends. Users love this app, it's easy and quick and gives them several options to share QR codes.

    [Download Link]

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