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Android Applications for Pregnant Women

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 3/13/2011

This is a roundup of Android pregnancy applications for expecting mothers. These apps provide tips, weekly information about the fetus development, estimate of the due date plus so much more. Take a look!

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    Pregnancy is an exciting time that is usually full of questions. And your Android can prove be an authentic source information during this time, answering all your unusual questions, tracking your due date as well as providing you with fetus growth statistics. So, here are a few Android pregnancy apps that you can use during your pregnancy.

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    Pregnancy Contraction Timer App

    Pregnancy-Contraction-Timer-App-for-Android Android Pregnancy Contraction Timer app is a great software program that will help you in following of yourQR-code-Pregnancy-Calendar  contractions. Specifically the app looks at the length of the most recent 5 contractions and the last 5 breaks. These numbers allow you to work out whether the labor is real or whether the contractions are false, just by paying attention on the number of contractions, the length of the contractions and the time elapsed between them. Although the app is quiet impressive, it still has room for improvement. Information on change in contraction time would be more useful than mere average of the last 5 contractions and breaks. Also, a graph over time would arguably be more helpful in letting a pregnant woman know what’s going on over time.

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    Mom 2 Be

    Mom 2 be Mom 2 Be is a lovely app that allows mothers to be, fathers to be and other closed ones to track theqr  development of a pregnancy. The app sends you daily growth statistics and weekly tips, and lets you share this information with your family and friends. You can also create journal entries of the signification events that occur during the pregnancy. The app lacks pictures, but provides useful information and can be downloaded for free.

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    Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy-Calendar Pregnancy Calendar provides you information about your baby’s progress on a weekly basis along with otherqrcalendar  useful information that is required by pregnant women. The app also gives information on what the baby looks like during different stages of the pregnancy, plus how a pregnant woman feels during each stage. These helpful tips will definitely calm down anxious first-time mothers. Overall the app is very nice, but it would have been nicer if the days remaining were automatically updated.

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    Pregnancy Ticker

    Pregnancy Ticker Pregnancy Ticker is a neat pregnancy app for women who are expecting. The app helps these women track qr2 pregnancy with adorable weekly baby drawings, that show how the baby should look like during different stages of its development. This is actually a home screen widget that offers useful pregnancy tips and facts, along with calculating the number of weeks and days to the expected delivery date. The application can be downloaded for free and there’s also a paid version, which is ad-free.

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    BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

    Babybump pro If you are pregnant and you have an Android smartphone, then you must have BabyBump. It’s a comprehensivebabaybump pro qr  pregnancy app that helps you track your pregnancy, as well as document this very special time of your life. Just enter in your LMP or Due Date, and you are all set to go! BabyBump includes weekly information on pregnancy, as well as the embryo size, a calendar, a journal, a home screen countdown and a kick counter. The app is integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and also allows you to email journal entries and other information to anyone to want. You can purchase this app for $2.99.

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    Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life and you don’t want to miss out on any detail. The Android pregnancy apps listed above are great tools that will help you keep up with everything you need to know about your pregnancy and the baby’s progress. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive app that will keep you well informed about your pregnancy and answer all your questions, consider downloading BabyBump Pregnancy Pro.

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