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Best Diesel Applications for Android

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 2/27/2011

Here’s the round up of the best Android diesel apps to help people with diesel vehicles find gas stations and more. Read on!

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    Besides making fewer roads trips, there are other things that diesel vehicle owners can do to reduce how much they pay for diesel. Finding a gas station that sells diesel at a good price can always help. So, here are some Android diesel apps that are designed to help consumers do just that.

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    gasbuddy qr 

    gas buddy 

    GasBuddy for Android users is a fabulous free application that helps users to find the best fuel prices at gas stations around the USA and Canada. Basically the app lists gas prices from the gas stations that are closest to your current location. The list can be also sorted by ZIP code or city and the distance to the gas station.

    The GasBuddy app provides prices for regular, midgrade, premium and diesel fuels. The application depends on users to report the fuel prices. Therefore, the gas station list may not always provide the current fuel price. However, if you are looking for gas stations with updated prices, the app comes with an option that displays stations with updated prices. This way you can easily find the cheapest fuel around you. Apart from listing the fuel prices, this app also provides information about the individual gas station like a picture, ATMs at the station, restrooms and pay at pump convenience.

    GasBuddy is not only helpful to vehicle owners but also to gas station owners who want to keep an eye on their rivals.

    Overall, the application is intuitive, has a visually appealing design and is very easy to use. It is perfect for your hunt to fill up your fuel tank with diesel at the best price for a road trip.

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    Gasbot Gasbot QR Gasbot is a simple Android diesel app that lists the cheapest fuel prices around your current location or near any address that you specify. The program provides prices for all fuel types such as unleaded, regular, medium grade, super unleaded, premium, and diesel. You can search a gas station by location, address, brand or price on this app. Please read our Gasbot app review for more details.

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    Murphy USA Cheap Gas Finder App

    Murphy USA murphy usa qr Murphy USA Cheap Gas Finder is a location specific free app that provides you directions to the nearest Murphy USA. The app provides a list of diesel and premium petrol prices along with the services and amenities available at the gas station. You can even compare the fuel prices of Murphy USA and Murphy Express stations with the fuel prices offered at nearby competitor gas stations.

    However, this app is not as good as GasBuddy or GasBot. Many users have found the fuel prices often incorrect and out of date. Furthermore, it’s only useful for loyal Murphy USA customers.

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    maverik maverik (2) 

    Maverik is another free application that provides a gas price list from nearby stations that is updated every 30 minutes. The app allows you to search for nearby Maverik stores, and stations that sell diesel fuel. It uses the phone’s GPS capability to provide users with the map view.

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