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Best Android Genealogy Apps

written by: George Garza•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/17/2013

Genealogy or where did I come from? Well, maybe it is more like where did my family come from and who is in it? Well now you can carry around the question in your mobile phone. Android apps have been written that will let you traverse the wide domain of near and distant relatives.

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    The Pyramid-Diamond Models of Genealogy

    Genealogy theory involves a pyramid model and a diamond model. The pyramid model says that the number of ancestors doubles in each generation. But that would mean that if you went back in time to the time of Charlemagne ( 742 – 814 ) there would be a potential for over 250 trillion ancestors.

    Pyramid-Diamond Model 

    The diamond model says that the pyramid begins to narrow beyond the 10th generation. The main reason for this is that most marriages occurred between second cousins because the population was smaller, and they lived in similar communities.

    The Android genealogy apps listed below show you how to create or access your genealogical table, and you can answer the question, "How many ancestors can you find and document?"

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    GedStar Pro Genealogy Viewer


    Gedstar-pro-genealogy-viewer 1 

    GedStar Pro attaches to a genealogy program on your PC to show you the details of your family history. It converts directly from "The Master Genealogist" and "Legacy Family Tree", or from a GEDCOM file. It displays data including events, sources, repositories, notes, and even photos.

    The app presents four basic views: A Person's Details; the Family Group; the Ancestor Tree; and a Descendant Tree. You can navigate up and down a line of descent, and search for specific people. There is an extensive menu of other features available, such as viewing your complete family photo gallery. Cost: $9.95. You can download a free 28 day trial before purchasing.

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    Family Bee

    Family Bee 2 

    Family Bee 1 

    Family Bee is a family tree viewer. You can view all details for individuals and families in GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) genealogy files. Because there is a lot of information available, a systematic view is available so you can view all family information, individuals, their individual bio information, descendant lists, pedigree trees, and notes.

    The software lets you annotate your tree with on-site notes, including photos (graves or memorabilia), and send them to your home machine using GMail. Tests on files up to 20MB (65,000 names) had no problems. Cost $10.00

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    Genealogy Research Planner

    Genealogy Planner 2 

    Genealogy Planner 1 

    This tool will help your genealogy research by keeping track of the eight major branches of your family (parents on both sides, grandparents on both sides, and great grandparents on both sides). To make it work, check one or more of the 25 significant areas, which will be your plan to focus your research on. If you are new to genealogy research, you can also look at a companion app called Intro to Genealogy from the same author. Cost:$1.49

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    Relationship Finder



    Relationship Finder allows you to input any two people from your family, then specify the name of the grandparent they share in order to determine the exact genealogical relationship between them. You can determine cousins by what shared grandparents exist among them. Cost $0.99