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Shift Calendars for Android

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/2/2011

There are several shift calendar apps for Android phones including Shift Adder Pro, Shift Calendar, and FDNY Scheduler. A shift calendar for Android phones keeps track of work shifts for employees that work various shifts.

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    Shift Adder Pro

    shift-adder-pro app shift-adder-pro app Shift Adder Pro is a shift calendar for Android phones that features a calendar with employee shift schedules. It can accommodate up to one year of shifts. The calendar can place both 24/48 and 24/72 hour shifts. Shifts are labeled A, B, or C. A fourth shift, D, can also be added if necessary. The interface features an input screen where you select the shift letter, next shift date, and the amount of shifts to add. For more information about the Shift Adder Pro app, visit this site.

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    Shift Calendar by Alex Gugel

    Shift Calendar by Alex Gugel Shift Calendar by Alex Gugel Another shift calendar for Android phones is Shift Calendar. It is developed by Alex Gugel for the Bavarian State Police, but can be used for other shift jobs. The app features a calendar that is populated with shift information. The interface requires you to enter the shift sequence and a starting date. The calendar will represent the shift schedule for up to a year. For more information about Shift Calendar by Alex Gugel, visit this site.

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    Shift Calendar by

    Shift Calendar shift calendar Another app named Shift Calendar was developed by It is an ABC shift calendar that displays each shift letter on each work day of the month. It is only used for a 24/48 shift schedule. The app comes with a widget that displays the shift letter on the home screen of the Android powered phone. The shift letter changes on the home screen every day at a specified time. For more information about the app Shift Calendar by, visit this site.

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    FDNY Scheduler

    FDNY Scheduler App FDNY Scheduler App FDNY Scheduler is a shift calendar for Android phones. The app contains a number of features in addition to the shift calendar. For example, you can input overtime, sick leave, and holidays. The app will analyze previous work days to track the number of sick days you have taken, as well as summarize overtime. You can also input paydays and rotating events. The calendar displays your shifts by coloring the specific days. You can move between months by swiping the screen with your finger. The app is designed for the FDNY, so it features directions to various firehouses and phone numbers. For more information about this app, visit this site.

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    Firehouse Scheduler

    Firehouse Scheduler Firehouse Scheduler A general version of the FDNY Scheduler app is Firehouse Scheduler. It features a shift calendar that displays several types of work shifts including 24/48, 24/24, 24/72, 48/96, 4/6, and 5/6. The app can sync with Google Calendar, and the data can be saved to an SD card. A lot of information can be included in the calendar, including hours traded. For more information about Firehouse Scheduler, visit this site.