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In this topic we cast an eye over the cell phone industry to identify up and coming changes of significance. There are stories about new products, trends and technology for mobile phone users.

How to Avoid Caller ID Spoofing and Hacking

Caller ID faker apps are really easy to get and to use. Using this, high profile celebrities have been hacked, and they were not even aware of that. Are you a victim of this attack vector? If you are not sure, it is time that you learned how to keep yourself safe.

Is Smartphone Snooping a Big Problem?

If you thought that storing vital data on a mobile phone was a good idea, think again! You don’t even need to store valuable information on a mobile device as there are all sorts of malware threats ready to pounce – and that’s after you’ve sorted out a BlackBerry-related diplomatic incident!

Cell Phone Radiation, Risks, and Other Health Hazards

Cell phones are not usually considered to be a health risk. However, in several situations, science has proven otherwise. Although they are perhaps the greatest and most convenient invention of our time, mobile phones could be a threat to your well being. Learn more about the dangers of cell phones.

Sell Your Mobile Phone Safely

A recent study has shown that people are careless in removing personal data from mobile phones when they sell their devices. If you’re planning to cash in on the value of your phone, you should spend some time deleting and backing up vital data, as well as preparing the phone for sale in other ways.

The Problem with In-App Purchases

Buying apps online for mobile devices has been a profitable enterprise for Apple, Google and developers. Apple keeps 30% of the sale amount and the rest goes to the developer. In-app purchases are another way to increase sales but this has caused problems for parents whose children do the buying.

US Army Smartphones Technology

Many businesses and industries are taking advantage of mobile phone app technology. Hospitals, banks, schools, and now even the US military is planning to make a move toward developing apps for troops. This could be good news as it may help the military be more efficient.

The AT&T and T-Mobile USA Merger: What to Expect

Some of you may be too young to remember the monopoly of “Ma-Bell” broken up in 1982 leaving open opportunities for many phone carriers to offer their own plans. With AT&T and T-Mobile set to merge, that would make AT&T the largest wireless carrier in the U.S. Find the latest on the merger here.

Best Ways to Recycle a Mobile Phone

Don’t let our landfills get cluttered with cell phones that could be recycled. Learn what wireless carriers, cell phone manufacturers and government are doing to combat the growing number of mobile phones that need to be discarded each year. Find out just how easy it is to recycle a mobile phone.

NVIDIA Tegra 2 for Mobile Phones

With the arrival of Tegra 2 on mobile phones, it is going to be a great, exciting experience for ordinary smartphone users. Things don’t stop here — we are soon going to see the immense power of Tegra 2 3D and Tegra 3, which offer support for 3D UI and quad-core technology respectively.

Best of MWC 2011: New Smartphones Round Up

With the Mobile World Congress 2011 about to wrap up, you may have missed all the new smartphones unveiled during the event. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the new smartphones announced during the MWC 2011. Read our best of MWC 2011 round-up to find out which phones you will most likely get.

Apple’s Steve Jobs Quotes on Acid and Android

The mobile telephone and smartphone markets are brutally competitive. Nowhere is this ultra-competitive environment more on display than in the rants and insults germinating in the CEOs and VPs of the market leading companies, whether Apple, Microsoft, Nokia or Google, the hits just keep coming.