Blackberry How-To-Guides

How-To-Guides for Blackberry Device users written by Blackberry Experts. Learn how to easily navigate your Blackberry device, find new ways to use your Blackberry, and troubleshoot your device with ease.

Using Safe Mode in BlackBerry Phones

People may not think of smartphones as actual computing devices, but they are. Like a computer device, sometimes an app or program doesn’t work the way it should and now, your BlackBerry is stuck. But, like with a computer, you can free yourself with safe mode.

What to Do with a BlackBerry Invalid SIM Card

Every once in a while, you’ll encounter an issue with your phone that doesn’t make sense. One such example is a problem with the validity of the SIM card, even when it hasn’t changed. There can be several reasons why your BlackBerry has an invalid SIM card and luckily, most are easy to fix.

A Guide to BlackBerry Symbols

As cell phones and smartphones become increasingly popular, there’s always a list of symbols and icons that will appear on the phone’s screen. There are many notifications that are working in the background and sometimes, you may be lost as to what it all means. Find out here.

BlackBerry Photo to Contact Guide

Seeing your friends’ photo on your screen when they phone, you know immediately who is calling. To make this happen you need their photo on your contacts list with their details. This is fairly easy to set up and if you use the sync option with Outlook, it basically does it for you.

A Guide to BlackBerry App Stores

The BlackBerry App World is the first source that comes to mind for apps for your BlackBerry, but many people don’t realise that there are other options to download from. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of these BlackBerry app stores.

BlackBerry Notification Icons Guide

So you’ve gotten your new BlackBerry, but you’re getting confused as to what all these notifications mean. How do you know when you’ve gotten an email? A text message? When you’ve missed a call? Here, we’ll look at the BlackBerry notification icons and answer what they are, as well as their meaning.

What is BlackBerry Mass Storage Mode?

BlackBerry mass storage mode is used to transfer large amounts of data between a computer and the media card of the BlackBerry. A USB connection is required and a series of steps must be followed to complete the process. Different BlackBerry software versions have slightly different steps.