Blackberry Application and Software Reviews

Blackberry Applications are reviewed by Blackberry Experts. This section includes Blackberry Business Apps, casual applications for the everyday user, and mobile gaming reviews specifically for Blackberry devices.

Review of SplashShopper for BlackBerry

SplashData has developed a program that allows you to manage your errands. SplashShopper takes grocery lists to the next level. In this review, we will learn exactly what it does and how it will help with your hectic schedule.

Review Of The ESPN Launcher For Blackberry

The ESPN Launcher is a convenient, useful, easy to use tool available for the Blackberry platform. Read on to hear about the advantage of using the Launcher to access ESPN on your Blackberry device.

Garmin Mobile Maps for BlackBerry Review

Many newer Blackberry devices now come standard with Blackberry Maps. While free is always good, the maps in my opinion are not all that great. That’s why I prefer loading my devices with Garmin Mobile Maps, a software solution that allows your device to implement top notch Garmin Mapping.

Review Of WorldMate Live Application

WorldMate Live, created by parent company, MobiMate, is a travel application available for the Blackberry platform. The following interview with WorldMate Live user, Kevin J., offers a review of WorldMate Live and its many uses.

Review of Beyond411 For Blackberry Smartphone Devices

Beyond411 (formerly known as Berry411) is a mobile application for the Blackberry platform that actually turns your Blackberry into a powerful information directory. I’ve been using this application for over a year and find it highly useful for several different functions.

eBay Wireless Application for BlackBerry Smatphone Devices

Ebay has become a means to a financial end for many of the site’s PowerSellers. Users can often become frustrated when they lose bids they’ve lost track of or couldn’t access near the given end time. Now thanks to the Ebay Wireless BB app users, both buyers and sellers, can gain greater control.