Is this Stereo Bluetooth Headset from Sony Worth the Price Tag?

Written by:  twhatley • Edited by: LauraMS
Updated Jul 5, 2011
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Sony brings the power of Bluetooth to their new headset, which allows users to listen to tunes on their Blackberry without being constantly connected to it. In this review, we will take a look at this accessory to see if it is a hit or miss.

After opening the package, you will find the headset, charger, rubber ear tips (in three different sizes), a plastic carrying case and user manual. Using the device right out the box is relatively easy and idiot-proof. I went from unpacking the device to using it within minutes. Connecting the Bluetooth is the same as connecting any Bluetooth device; unlike some devices, my Blackberry was able to establish a connection to the device fairly quickly.

The design of the headset is what intrigued me. Two ear buds connects to the Bluetooth device that hangs around the neck on a cord. The device is easily adjusted; lengthening and shortening the cords from the Bluetooth device and the ear buds. The cords runs the risk of becoming tangled and snagging on nearby obstacles, but this can be worked around with the plastic carrier that comes included.

On the device is controls to pause/play, skip forwards/go back and volume control. Sony has made it quite convenient to move around while still listening to audio files on the Blackberry. As a matter of fact, up to 10 devices can be connected to the headphones at once.

One of my favorite things about the headset is the LCD panel on the front of the Bluetooth device. Incoming caller ID, call status, battery status and music track information are just some of the aspects that are displayed here. The white text on black background works quite well as the words was clear and easy to read.

The packaging claims there are 6 hours of usage time and 300 hours of standby battery life. I have to say that it did stand up to this in terms of talk/music time; I haven’t quite been able to test it for the standby time.

Another great feature is that during an incoming call, songs are paused automatically and resumes once the call is disconnected. This is quite handy; especially for someone who often forgets what she was doing before a lengthy phone call came in.


  • Comfortable headset with Sony quality sound

  • Sleek and usable design

  • LCD with clear and readable text

  • Automatically pause/resume playback during phone calls


  • Could have use a clip to secure it to clothing. Very awkward dandling from the neck while lifting or bending over.

  • I do not recommend it while working around machinery where the headset can get caught.


Rating Good

Overall, the product was practical and useful. I can see me using the headset on a daily basis, for both incoming calls and listening to music. The sound was superb; I wouldn't have expected nothing less coming from Sony. The only issue I have with it is the way the device hangs around the neck. I was never a fan of products like that and would have preferred a clip instead. Consumers without my hangups of things around my neck will thoroughly enjoy the headset and will find great benefits in it.

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