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How to Use Bluetooth with BlackBerry

written by: Terry Caron•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/7/2010

Advances with Bluetooth technology have made this a great way to transfer files. Using a BlackBerry’s Bluetooth capabilities can be very useful for transferring many types of files to a variety of devices including other mobile devices or another PC or Mac.

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    Bluetooth and BlackBerry

    Knowing how to turn on Bluetooth support on BlackBerry desktop is a simple process and can unlock additional capabilities with your BlackBerry device. Bluetooth capabilities have been typically used for connecting keyboards and mice to a computer wirelessly or in connecting mobile devices and cell phones to hands free ear bud devices for communication. With advances in Bluetooth capabilities this technology is now great for transferring files between mobile devices and PCs and Macs. Here we will go over the basics of setting up Bluetooth on a BlackBerry and pairing devices. It is also a good idea to learn about Bluetooth security before enabling on any mobile device.

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    Earbuds and Bluetooth Accessories

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    Enable Bluetooth Capabilities on a BlackBerry

    There are two basic procedures for setting up Bluetooth on a BlackBerry device. The first is to enable Bluetooth and then make the device discoverable so that it can be seen by other Bluetooth capable devices.

    Enabling Bluetooth

    1. Go to the menu options in the BlackBerry. Click on manage connections and place a check in the box for Bluetooth.
    2. Now go into the options menu and select Bluetooth. Press the seven dot RIM button (also known as the BlackBerry key) and choose options from the menu. Set the discoverable option to yes, press the BlackBerry key and select save.
    3. Bluetooth is now enabled on the BlackBerry and it is discoverable by other Bluetooth enabled devices.
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    Pairing With Another Device and Transferring Files

    This process will allow two Bluetooth enabled devices to connect and transfer files.

    1. Go to the BlackBerry menu and choose manage connections.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “Bluetooth Options”.
    3. Press the BlackBerry key and choose “add device”. Select “search” to allow the BlackBerry to begin searching for other Bluetooth devices.
    4. Assuming the other device is enabled, the device's name should show up. Confirm this is the device by clicking on the name.
    5. Once this has been done on both devices it may require a passkey to be entered. The default passkey is 0000, unless it has been changed.
    6. The new device will now appear in the paired devices list.

    The next step is to set up trust between the two devices. To do this, select the device and press the BlackBerry menu key. Set the trust option to yes. This will have to be done on both devices. Both devices are now paired, trusted and ready to transfer files.

    Transferring Files

    1. Starting with the receiving device, open the BlackBerry icon screen and choose media.
    2. Select the option that correlates to the type of file that is to be transferred (music, pictures, videos, etc.).
    3. From within this screen press the BlackBerry menu key and choose "Receive Using Bluetooth." A waiting for connection box will appear.
    4. From the sending device, go into the media menu and open the media type that you wish to send.
    5. Highlight the file you wish to send, press the BlackBerry menu key and choose “Send Using Bluetooth”. The file will now be transferred.
    6. Back at the receiving device, you will need to select the location to save the file and the process is complete.
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    Transfer Files To or From a PC

    Files can also be transferred from a BlackBerry device and a PC or vice versa. The PC that will be sending or receiving will need to have a Bluetooth adapter installed or built into the PC.

    1. Make sure that BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on the PC.
    2. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    3. Double click on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager properties in the system tray (located in the lower right hand corner, next to the clock).
    4. Check the box for Bluetooth support.
    5. Select “configure Bluetooth”, and then select “add’.
    6. Add the device that will be used for transferring the files.
    7. Back in the Desktop Manager, select Options > Connection Settings.
    8. Look for the connection drop down box and highlight “Bluetooth”, and then select enable Bluetooth support.
    9. Files can now be transferred between devices.

    Transferring files from BlackBerry devices can be a simple process and very useful in transporting and sharing files. With the large amount of storage capabilities that BlackBerry devices have this can be a great option for saving and transferring files as long as they are compatible with the installed version of the BlackBerry OS.