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BlackBerry Style User Guide

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/7/2010

This BlackBerry style guide contains useful information on how to access and modify common features on the phone. For example, it covers how to change the ringtone, modify your signature, download a theme, and how to open and close web browser tabs.

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    BlackBerry Style Guide

    The BlackBerry Style is a smartphone with a flip phone style. It offers push notifications, the ability to run multiple apps at the same time, 3G speed, and Wi-Fi access. With so much technology in this phone, changing certain features can become challenging. This BlackBerry Style guide offers step by step instructions on how to access and modify commonly used features.

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    Changing the Ring Tone

    If you would like to use a new song, recorded voice note, or preloaded alert for your ringtone, follow these steps:

    • Select the Sound and Alerts Profile icon on the home screen.
    • Select Change Sounds and Alerts, then select Sounds for Selected Profile.
    • If you would like a new ringtone, choose Phone.
    • In the Ring Tone field, click the tone you want.
    • To access a song saved on the BlackBerry Style or media card, click All Music, find the song, and click it. If you want to use a voice note as your ringtone, click All Voice Notes, find the note, and click it. Another option is to use a preloaded alert by clicking All Alerts.
    • After selecting the song, note, or alert, press the menu key and select Save.
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    Modifying Your Signature

    If you don't like the signature note attached at the end of your e-mail, you can change it by following these steps:

    • Select the Messages icon on the home screen.
    • Press the Menu key and select Options.
    • Click Email Preferences for a work e-mail account. In the Messages Service field, select the email account you want to modify. Check the Use Auto Signature box. Place the cursor in the field that appears and type your signature.
    • To modify the signature of a personal email account, click Email Account Management. Then select the email account and click Edit. Type your signature.
    • Press the Menu key and select Save.
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    Downloading a Theme and Using a Picture as Wallpaper

    Here are some BlackBerry Style tips to spruce up the way your screen appears by adding a picture or downloading a theme by following these steps:

    For Wallpaper -

    • Select the Media icon on the home screen.
    • Select the Picture icon.
    • Choose a picture you like and press the Menu key. Select Set as Wallpaper.

    For a Theme -

    • Select the Options icon from the home screen.
    • Select Display and then select Screen Display.
    • Press the Menu key and select Download Themes.
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    Navigating Tabs in the Web Browser

    While surfing the web, make sure you know how to open new tabs, switch between tabs, and close tabs. Follow these BlackBerry Style guide steps on how to do it.

    Opening a New Tab -

    • In the browser, press the Menu key. Then, select Tabs. Finally, click the New Tab icon.

    To Close a Tab -

    • In the browser, press the Menu key and select Tabs. Highlight the tab and click on the X icon.

    Switching Between Tabs -

    • Click on the tab after pressing the Menu key in the browser and selecting Tabs.

    Opening a Link in a New Tab -

    • Highlight the link, press the menu key, and select Open Link in New Tab.
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