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How to Delete BlackBerry Call History

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/4/2010

Find out how to delete BlackBerry call history. How to multi-select calls in the call log and delete from the memory. How to delete call logs from the messages folder.

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    Steps to Delete BlackBerry Call History


    This article discusses how to remove previous calls on a BlackBerry via the messages folder and the call log list. Deleting BlackBerry call history is not a straightforward process. BlackBerry settings and adjustments are well hidden and embedded in the system software, the location and format take a bit of getting used to.

    How easy it can be will depend on where you store your phone logs. Before learning how to delete the call logs, it is worth bearing in mind that the BlackBerry has two locations for phone logs, the messages application or the phone application.

    While the messages application will allow you to delete all calls, the phone log works less efficiently only allowing you to delete each call log individually.

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    Organizing Call Logs

    Before beginning the process of deleting logs, a good place to start would be with organizing how you want to view these logs on your phone.

    The following steps will allow you to organize the settings for your BlackBerry call logs:

    • Click on the green call button.
    • A menu appears showing a call log.
    • Click the BlackBerry key; a menu pops up.
    • Select options.
    • Scroll down to call logs and lists.

    Here you can set up which window appears first when you click on the call button and organise calls via most recent, most used or name.

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    How to Delete BlackBerry Call History

    Untitled-1 copy Here is how to delete BlackBerry call history via the messages folder:

    • Browse to your messages folder.
    • Click on the BlackBerry button.
    • Scroll down to view folder.
    • Navigate to phone call logs.
    • Click on the BlackBerry key to bring up a menu.
    • Select delete prior on this menu.
    • You will get a message to confirm delete of all call logs.
    • Select ok.

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    How to Delete the Entire Call List

    Now that you have deleted the call log via the messages folder, you will still need to pay a visit to the call log view and tidy up this window as well.

    How to remove call logs from your BlackBerry phone log:

    • Click on the green call button to highlight the log.
    • Select one call log on the list.
    • Hold down the shift key.
    • Use the scroll key to multi-select calls on the list.
    • Click the BlackBerry key.
    • Scroll down to delete.
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    Call Log Features

    There are some other useful features of the call log include the history feature.

    • Select a call from the call log.
    • Use the BlackBerry key to select view and then call history.
    • There is also an option to view call notes under the same menu.

    Setting up speed dials is easy as well, by simply right-clicking on the dialled number, you can add the number as a speed dial for frequently accessed numbers.

    The quickest way to delete the call logs would be via the call log view, as this route will delete in just one step. Deleting via the messages folder will only account for logs within this view.