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BlackBerry Pearl Tips & Tricks

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/27/2010

Listed here are all the tips and tricks that you can try on your BlackBerry Pearl smartphone.

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    General Tips and Tricks

    Here are some of the cool BlackBerry Pearl tips and tricks that you can try.Bb pearl Help 

    • To view the user guide for the BlackBerry Pearl, click on the Help icon on the home screen.
    • Rotate the trackball to control the cursor.
    • Red colored LED light on the top right corner of the handset indicates that you have received a new message.Red LED light 
    • Blue colored LED light on the top right corner of the handset indicates that your handset is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device.
    • Green colored LED light on the top right corner of the handset indicates that you are in a wireless coverage area.
    • Amber colored LED light on the top right corner of the handset indicates that your handset’s battery is low.
    • You can lock your keyboard by pressing the * (star) key when you are on the home screen.
    • You can unlock your keyboard by pressing the * (star) key and then the ‘Send’ key.
    • To switch applications, simultaneously press the Alt and back key. A screen will pop up from where you can choose the desired application.
    • To exit the screen while browsing, press the back key.
    • Press the space key twice to insert a period while typing.
    • Press and hold the * (star) key to change typing input methods.
    • Press space key to insert @ sign in an email address.
    • Press and hold a letter key for some time to capitalize it.
    • During a call, press OP to switch on or off the speakerphone.
    • To move between vibrate and default profiles, hold the # (hash) key.
    • For inserting a letter in the number field, hold Alt key and press the desired letter key.
    • If you are getting another call while already in the middle of a call, press Send key to answer the incoming call and to place the current call on hold.
    • To take a picture, press the Convenience key.Camera Key 
    • Press 0 to set auto flash on and space to set auto flash off.
    • Use the +/- buttons on the right hand side of the handset, to zoom on a specific object.CAM zoom 
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    Browsing Tips and Tricks

    • To view the thumbnail version of the webpage, press X and press any key to return to normal page view.
    • Press the exclamation (!) key to hide banners from web pages.
    • To scroll up the screen, press 3.
    • To scroll down the screen, press 9.
    • To close the browser, press the back key.
    • To insert a period (.) in the Go To field, press Space.
    • To insert a slash mark (/) in the Go To field, press Shift key and Space.
    • To open the bookmarks saved on the webpage, press 5.
    • To add a bookmark, press question mark (?).
    • To go to a specific webpage, press period (.).
    • Press 7 to go to the bottom of the screen.
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    BlackBerry Pearl Calendar Tips

    Set the Enable Quick Entry field to No in calendar options for the following tips to work in Day view.

    • To create an appointment press period (.).
    • To move to next day press 6.
    • To move to previous day press 4.
    • You can change the end time by rolling the track ball.
    • To move down an hour in the calendar, press 8.
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    Email and Text message Tips

    • Press 2 to scroll up a message and press 8 to scroll down a message.
    • Pressing the question mark (?) will reply to all.
    • To forward a message, press period (.).
    • To reply to a message, press the exclamation mark (!) key.
    • Press the comma (,) to create a message.
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    Increasing Number of Rings on BlackBerry Pearl

    Usually the BlackBerry Pearl rings only twice before going to the voicemail, which is not enough time to answer a call. However, you can increase the amount of time (in secs) that a number will ring provided you dial the following code from your BlackBerry Pearl – **61*901*11*25#. Remember to press the green button before dialing this code. The last digits are the seconds that a number rings before going to voicemail (25 seconds in this case). The default time is 15 seconds.