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How to Restore a Deleted Photo on BlackBerry

written by: Asheesh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/27/2010

Do you want to recover your accidentally deleted photos on your BlackBerry phone? Here we describe the process to restore photos through simple steps.

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    When you look at BlackBerry storage, Cyber-shots memory sticks, or any other memory card, you will find that these memory cards are very similar to computer hard drives. Such storage devices don’t delete files immediately. The deleted files remain at their memory location until the space is used for storing any other file.

    Therefore, you can recover erased files on your BlackBerry phone. But, here is the most important thing, when you feel that you have deleted a picture which might be useful in future then just stop storing any file or any picture so as to avoid using that storage space. The deleted picture cannot be recovered after the re-use of that memory location.

    The steps involved in the procedure of recovering the deleted pictures on your BlackBerry are given below.

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    Download Photo Recovery Software

    You will need to get a data recovery program to recover deleted pictures. Plenty of data recovery software is available on the web but only a few packages enable you to recover these pictures perfectly.

    Stellar Photo Recovery

    Steller Phoenix This is the best recommended software to recover deleted photos and files from your phone, digital camera, and memory card. It is impressively easy to use and free. There are separate versions for Mac and Windows on the website. Both the software applications can be used to recover photos from your hard drives.

    It works for deleted photos in the situations given below.

    • Deletion of the photos due to corruption in the file system.
    • Photo loss due to unintentional or intentional formatting.
    • Lost photos due to unexpectedly switching off the phone by removing battery.
    • Accidental deletion of photos.
    • Photo loss due to corruption or damage to the media.
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    How to Recover Deleted Photos with Stellar Photo Recovery Software

    How to Recover Deleted Photos Using Stellar Photo Recovery Software

    The steps involved in this process are given below.

    • Connect the BlackBerry phone to your computer via USB cable, or use the SD card reader to connect the memory card of the Stellar Phoenix snapshot phone to your computer.
    • Now, start the Stellar Photo Recovery Software by clicking on the tab ‘Data Recovery’.
    • When you click ‘Start Scan’, you will see another screen that shows all the attached drives on your computer.
    • When you select the storage device of the phone, it will ask you whether you want advanced scan or normal scan.
    • If you want advanced scanning, you will need to submit the type and the previous region of the picture. This option is better if you know the information regarding a particular picture.
    • Simple scan will provide you with all the deleted pictures of your phone. You don’t need to fill in any detail of a particular photo.
    • After recovering the deleted photos, you can save them by clicking ‘Save Scan’.
    • ‘Resume Recovery’ tab is used to recover data from previous scan and saved data.
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    • When you find that any important picture has been deleted, immediately stop storing more data or photos. You cannot recover photos if the space has been overwritten.
    • If the storage device of your BlackBerry phone has been corrupted or damaged, the software can take a lot of time to scan.

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