Blackberry FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions from New BlackBerry Users

Blackberry FAQ’s for New Users

If you're new to your BlackBerry phone or just a newbie to the BlackBerry platform, here's a list of seven common questions asked by BlackBerry users when they first start using their SmartPhone.

Number 1 – Sent from BlackBerry Signature

1. Q: How do I get rid of the signature that says (some variation of) “sent from my Blackberry” at the end of my outgoing emails?

Answer: Simply log onto your carrier's BIS site and locate your email settings. From there, you are able to edit your email signature.

(NOTE: The BIS site is not the same as your carrier's normal website; it is specific to Blackberry. If you don't know the BIS site address for your carrier, try Googling your carrier's name and BIS for a list of related sites.)

Number 2 – Adding a Personal Signature

2. Q: How do I add a signature to outgoing SMS text messages?

Answer: On your Blackberry, go to “Options”, select “Auto Text”, hit your menu key and select “New”. From this screen, you can enter a random word of your choosing (example: siggy) under “Replace” and the text you’d like to feature in your signature under the “With” heading. When texting on your Blackberry in the future, you will then enter the word you’re substituting and your signature will appear on the text message instead.

(NOTE: keep in mind that there are typically only 160 characters available for SMS messages including spaces. Whatever signature you include is also deducted from this 160 characters.)

Number 3 – Setting Alerts, Ringers, and Volume

3. Q: How do I set my alerts or ringers and how can I adjust the volume on the ones I’m already using?

Answer: From your Blackberry home screen, select either the “Profiles” icon or highlight and select the speaker symbol at the top right of your screen. There you will see a list of settings such as “Loud”, “Vibrate”, “Quiet”, etc. Scroll down and select “Advanced”. From the next screen (still listing various profiles), highlight a profile (but don’t click on it) and press your menu key and select “Edit”. From here, you will see a list of options including “Browser”, “Calendar”, “Level 1 Messages”, etc. Select any one of these that you wish to edit and adjust your ring tones, volume, etc. from here.

(NOTE: If you’d like to have different ringers and volumes for different messages, you will have to set each one individually. You will also need to do this for each profile such as “Loud”, “Vibrate”, etc. This can seem time consuming, but, unless you choose otherwise, you’ll only have to do it one time and it’s well worth it to have different alerts and ringers for different incoming messages or calls.)

Number 4 – Set Different Ringtones for Callers

4. Q: How do I set different or distinctive ringers for different callers?

Answer: First, your caller’s information must be stored in your Blackberry’s address book. While adding the address information, you can add a custom ring tone or you can add one later simply by using the edit feature in the address book. Either way, from the address entry page for the specific caller, press the menu key and scroll to “Add Custom Ring Tone”. Then, simply select the ring tone you’d like to use and be sure to save it before exiting.

(NOTE: You can also add a picture to identify your caller using these same instructions. Instead of selecting the option to add a custom ring tone, simply select “Add Picture” instead.

Number 5 – Text Message a Person Not in Your Contact List

5. Q: How do I text message someone that isn’t in my address book?

Answer: Simply open your text message menu as you always do to send text messages. At the very top of your contact list, you will find a selection titled “Use Once”. Selecting this option will enable you to put in an individual number you wish to text to.

(NOTE: Select “mobile” when the prompt asks which type of address you’d like to text to).

Number 6 – Finding Your PIN Number

6. Q: How do I find my PIN number?

Answer: Your PIN can be found by selecting “Options”, scrolling to and selecting “Status”. There you will find your PIN along with other useful information like how much battery charge is remaining on your phone, your free memory space and your device’s total memory space.

(NOTE: Your PIN is useful when sharing PIN messages and using Blackberry Messenger along with other Blackberry users).

Number 7 – Deleting BlackBerry Apps

7. Q: I downloaded an application that I no longer want on my Blackberry, how do I delete it?

Answer: From the "Options" menu, select “Advanced Options” and then “Applications” (your phone will take a moment to build an application list). You should now see a list of all of the applications that are on your phone. Scroll to the application you’d like to remove, press your menu key and select “Delete”.

(NOTE: After deleting your application, it may be necessary to restart your Blackberry to completely remove the application.)

Final Take of Common BlackBerry FAQs

Of course, there are many more questions that arise from Blackberry users, but this brief list offers just a few of the most common ones. Hopefully, you’ve gained a little Blackberry wisdom and will visit BrightHub again as we continue to provide you with up to date Blackberry news, information, tips and tricks.