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Top 6 BlackBerry Applications to Avoid

written by: Tolga BALCI•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/14/2010

Some Blackberry Applications should be avoided at all costs for various reasons. In this article we examine the Top 6 BlackBerry Applications To Avoid.

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    Avoid at All Costs

    Here are my top five applications to avoid:

    1. Free Staples
    2. Blink While Call
    3. Berry Screen Cleaner
    4. Fear of the Dark
    5. Fart Machine

    And Tolga's award goes to number 6 the BlackBerry Diagnostics

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    Free Staples

    Storm users, here's an application that is totally useless for you: the software places a big red button in the middle of the screen and when you press your screen, your stress is said to be relieved. The developer also claims that the repeating pressing of the button further reduces your stress. Trying this yourself is totally free from the OTA download link:

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    Blink While Call

    If you can not understand if your BlackBerry is ringing from the ringtone or the vibration, this application lets you know for sure by making the BlackBerry LED blink in purple. The software is filed under “Productivity” and is available from God, my productivity passed the stratosphere! Perhaps this application is good for the hearing impaired, but for most of us its just another annoying blinking light on our devices.

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    Berry Screen Cleaner

    Berry ScreenCleaner Don’t get excited yet. Berry Screen Cleaner produces water droplets on your Storm’s screen. You can clean the screen by tilting your Storm to move the appearing mob and thus remove the droplets. This is no more than an abuse of the accelerometer that RIM has placed inside the handset. Plus it's a complete waste of time. If you are not convinced still, here is the OTA link to download

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    Fart Machine

    Fart Machine I can't believe myself that I'm writing a review for such an application, ruining my online reputation (including the BrightHub community). This application makes your BlackBerry sound any of 12 farting sounds with one click. Moreover, you can set the timer to make the sound occur immediately, after 30 seconds or after one minute. You can also set the sound to be random from the variety of 12 available noises. It first appears for iPhones and it should have stayed there. I wish the developers put their efforts into something more usable. And you, the users, please keep your BlackBerry’s memory for something better. I mean, install something different, something that makes more sense. If enough is not enough, here is the link The download costs USD 3. Yuck!

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    Fear of the Dark

    I was very excited to see this old school game and I downloaded this application with no delay. With my BlackBerry 8800, running OS 4.2, the application was not playable either by the trackball or the keys. Plus, the application always crashed in less than one minute. Fear of the Dark is not a working application, therefore its definitely one to avoid. If still curious, you can visit

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    Tolga's Award: BlackBerry Diagnostics

    Tolga’s award goes to the BlackBerry Diagnostics app, which is an application for total nerds (like me). It displays Cell Information (Cell ID, Routing Area Code, Location Area Code, Base Station Identity Code and Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number) and Device Information (Model Number, IMEI, PIN, Battery Temperature, Battery Remaining, Battery Voltage, Battery is removable or not, Device is in holster or not and Device is a simulator or not). If you did not understand anything about the cell information, most probably you will not understand the values that are given by the software. For the device information, current battery situation is displayed at the top, you know if you can remove the battery or not, you know if the device is in holster or if you are holding it in your hands and you know if your device is a real device or a simulator. If you can not understand that the handset you are actually carrying is a real handset not a simulator, then this program will help you. LOL.