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Blackberry Conference Calling Made Easy with EZ3Way

written by: Tolga BALCI•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/14/2010

Many people wonder if it is possible to make 3-person conference calls with a BlackBerry. As always, the solution is here at Bright Hub. Hop right in.

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    BB Conference Calls with EZ3Way

    3-way conference calling is an issue that has eluded many a Blackberry user for quite some time, luckily there is a rather useful solution. However, in order to work, conferencing has to be supported by your wireless carrier, so before attempting to try a 3-way call, make sure that your carrier supports this feature.

    For BlackBerry, my favorite application to make conference calls is EZ3Way. The program’s only downside is that it does not have an OTA download. You have to download it to your computer and then install to your BlackBerry with the Desktop Manager. When you install 3Way Call, it will ask you to restart your BlackBerry. Do not get confused, this is the normal installation procedure. When you reboot your handset and start the program, you will be asked for a Licence Key. The key is 00000 for the trial version.

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    Using EZ3Way

    The program is very easy to use and therefore I will not include a screenshot. To make a conference call, you start the program and it takes you to your address book. There, you select the person you want to call first (and number of course; mobile, home, work whatever.) When the call is initiated you will be taken to your address book again. You select the second person that you will include in your conference (with his/her number) and make a call exactly the same way as the first call you initiated.

    The reason why I reviewed 3way call is that I find it the simplest program to use to make conference calls via Blackberry devices. You do not need to go through complex menus, make complicated arrangements, read some technical manuals/help files. You just install the software, reboot and keep going. It is that simple.

    If you need to call more than 2 people, then EZ3Way may not be for you, but its a great 3-way calling application. For larger calling, I would recommend you try StarPing Instant Mobile Conference, which will allow you to make conference calls with up to 10 people.

    The EZ3Way program is available from Handango for USD 12.95. I avoid providing a direct download link, because it is much better to visit Handango first and select your handset/carrier first and then see if the product is compatible with your BlackBerry. Then searching for EZ3Way will get you to the program’s page.