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SpotJots: The Ultimate Tool for Microblogging

written by: Tolga BALCI•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/14/2010

Instant logging. Sound cryptic? What about taking jots? OK. What about adding photos to your jots? What about hearing more? Keep reading to figure out what these terms mean and why they'll help you with all your microblogging needs.

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    Collecting Memories

    We all jot something everyday. A to-do, a reminder, a slice of our life, and much more. These jots are then scattered around in various forms (most common are the ones written on napkins and spare pieces of old paper). Thankfully there's a way we can transform this jotting while adding videos and photos and then posting them on the Internet to be saved for a long time (forever?). What’s more, we can add our location to our jots so everyone can stay updated on our locations while pinpointing our memories on a location based map.

    Suppose you are on a business trip. While you are walking to your hotel in the city, you spot a very nice view, simply shoot it as a photo, write your jot and send it to your space. Consider photos + videos + personal notes (jots) + your location + your imagination and you can see how its easy to get creative!

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    This application is known as SpotJots and the registration and download is free from the website, and yes, there is an OTA download available. The installation is painless. Just a simple restart of your handset if requested.

    SpotJots Screens The menu is very simple and intuitive, basically at the top, you have “Create Jot”, “View”, “Outbox” and “Settings” menu items.

    Create Jot is exactly what it sounds like: you create a jot. When you are creating the jot, you have the options to make it public or private, meaning that only the people you have allowed will be able to see your posts. Under this item, there is also the option to add attachments. Those attachments can be a photo, a video or a voice note, all up to you (Bright Hub Tip: Hitting the menu key on your BlackBerry takes you to the camera.) If you do not like to use the SpotJot website, you can also use it with Facebook, MySpace or any other supported social networking sites. The “location” section under the menu makes everything more interesting, for instance when you enable GPS and fill out the location information, your jot will be spotted on the map in your post in SpotJot website.

    “View” item is the second most powerful feature of the application. Under this menu item, you can see your previous posts, search them: with your GPS location or with address. You can also follow what other SpotJotters are doing under this menu and have a look at the nearby places.

    “Outbox” is where the jots you have posted under the active session are kept. Just remember the Outbox is cleared when you exit the program to conserve memory.

    The final menu item is the “Settings”, where you configure your account information, the default size of the images that you post in your jots, whether to use BES and the like.

    Overall, I believe SpotJots is an excellent application, enabling you to geo-tag your images in addition to the features that I have told you about above. If you like jotting or microblogging, or want to go into this world, this software is the one that should be installed on your BlackBerry.

    We thank Kevin from CrackBerry for the image.