trackIT On BlackBerry Tracks Important Car Information

Written by:  LauraMS • Edited by: Simon Hill
Updated Jun 27, 2011
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With the trackIT application on your BlackBerry, you can track and store all important expense, usage, repair, maintenance, insurance and financing information for your car in one easy to access application. Read on to find out how trackIT can be a great asset to your BlackBerry mobile device.

Use Your BlackBerry To Track Important Car Information

The BlackBerry mobile platform enables you to do a lot of things. Did you ever imagine using it to track your car maintenance schedule? Or how about to keep track of your mileage, your car insurance information or your fuel expenses? Just when you thought that your BlackBerry already did everything under the sun for your business and personal organizing, we are pleased to let you know that, with the trackIT: Vehicle Edition application, your BlackBerry can also manage most everything to do with your car maintenance (no matter how many cars you have).

What is the Vehicle Edition?

The trackIT: Vehicle Edition application, developed by JavaTek Media, turns your BlackBerry into a feature rich vehicle tracking system for any car that you own for business or personal use. The trackIT: Vehicle Edition application can track multiple cars at a time, so there’s not ever a need to purchase multiple applications for another vehicle in your household or business as all of the tracking information it stores on one can be stored for any number of vehicles that you choose to keep track of.

What can it do for Me?


The trackIT: Vehicle Edition application allows you to track and store the following information all in one location on your BlackBerry mobile device. You can:

Manage and schedule routine maintenance and car repairs (the trackIT: Vehicle Edition application will even notify you when your car is due for a scheduled maintenance. It will also add important maintenance dates to your native BlackBerry calendar just to be sure you don’t miss a maintenance date.)

Keep a record of repair shops

Track fuel and mileage usage

Keep track of and store important vehicle insurance information

Keep track of and store important vehicle financing information

…And much more

The trackIT: Vehicle Edition application even delivers important information for your car in either an Excel or HTML format and further allows you to transfer records to your PC as well.

BlackBerry Operating System Requirements

The trackIT: Vehicle Edition application is available for BlackBerry devices with an operating system of 4.0 or higher. And, as you can see, it is worth far more than the small one-time purchase price as it can possibly spare you hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars (and a ton of time) just by having all of the most crucial information for your car stored on one device. Responsible car owners know the value of having fast access to this information and the trackIT: Vehicle Edition application on your BlackBerry gives you exactly that.

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