Jump Start Financing Initiative Brings Great Promise To BlackBerry

Written by:  LauraMS • Edited by: Simon Hill
Updated Jul 6, 2011
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The BlackBerry Partners Fund is offering an enormous opportunity to the winning developer of the best new application for the BlackBerry mobile platform.

Applications Enhance The BlackBerry Device

Almost daily I hear about new applications becoming available for my BlackBerry Curve and the BlackBerry mobile platform, in general. The applications being made available may be used for fun activities, like games, music, sports or social networking applications. Or, they may be useful in business such as applications useful for tracking spending, travel assistance or information feeds. Whatever the function, applications abound which will enhance your BlackBerry, bring you hours of entertainment and help you better organize your life.

Jump Start Financing Initiative

RIM knows how important applications are to you and this is why they are always seeking developers to develop more for you. In fact, RIM is so serious about this endeavor that they are offering $250,000 to the winner of their new application contest known as the Jump Start Financing Initiative. Just by creating an application that soars above all other contest entries, one developer will find themselves a quarter of a million dollars richer. The funds won in the Jump Start Financing Initiative, however, aren’t meant to be spent on personal luxury items, but rather to actually develop the winning application. Look at it as investment funds to jump start the application development, if you will.

The money comes from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, which was discussed in detail earlier on this site. That this fund exists and that there is a Jump Start Financing Initiative offering such a huge win, is further proof of the jump in growth that RIM not only anticipates, but also is prepared to finance over the coming months and years. Certainly, this is an exciting time to be a BlackBerry owner as we are the ones who benefit the most from such plans as the entire operation is geared toward bringing us a better BlackBerry mobile platform and applications for greater enhancement.

What's In Store For You

The announcement of the Jump Start Financing Initiative also fits perfectly into the plans for a new BlackBerry Application Store to be featured on newer devices soon and all devices in the future. If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time for you to read the article here on BrightHub about RIM’s plans for the new application store.

A Notice To All Developers


If you’re a developer in need of jump start funds and you are interested in entering the application contest, you may learn more by visiting the BlackBerry Partners Fund website for the Jump Start Financing Initiative here http://www.blackberrypartnersfund.com/jumpstart.

The best of luck to all entry applicants as the rest of us thank you for including BlackBerry in your passion for application development. We can’t wait to see what applications you talented people come up with for our BlackBerry mobile devices!

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