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How to Send Emails in Outlook Folders to a BlackBerry

written by: Beverley Lee•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/20/2011

Sending emails from Outlook to your BlackBerry is one of the reasons why the phones were built. The BlackBerry range were among the first smartphones to allow you to receive your emails immediately wherever you are. With people constantly on the move, this is a great business and personal asset.

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    Email with BlackBerry

    Initially built as a business phone so you can travel anywhere and always be in touch with clients, family and friends via email, the BlackBerry has now become popular in the domestic market. In fact, most smartphones now have this feature as it has proved so valuable. As technology progresses, it gets easier to set up all this up and you don't have to be a technological wizard to do it. The following guidelines work on all BlackBerry models.

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    Receiving Emails on BlackBerry

    vScreenshot 1308124286246 vScreenshot 1308124392341 vScreenshot 1308124415230 To transfer your emails and/or reconcile them with what you receive on Outlook you can set up your email accounts on your BlackBerry. To do this you need to go into the main menu by clicking on the dots at the bottom left of the phone. Click on the “Setup” icon, then “Email Accounts.” Click on “Set up email account” and, using the same settings you have on Outlook, add in the details as requested which will be your username, email address, host and IMAP address.

    Note you will not be asked to add in your SMTP as that is automatically added by BlackBerry. For Google and Yahoo, it will automatically complete the settings. However, if you don’t want to have multiple calendars on your BlackBerry ensure you untick “Calendar” under the “Synchronisation Options.” You can also make sure that “Contacts” are not ticked so they are not duplicated. However, keeping your deleted items can be useful.

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    Confirmation of Successful Activation

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    Each email account you set up will be rewarded with an email from BlackBerry using the name “Activation Server” indicating that it has been set up successfully. If you do not receive this then the account has not been set up and you need to check the settings.

    Now every time someone sends an email to the addresses you have set up on your BlackBerry, that are also on Outlook, you will receive them in both places. You will then have the opportunity to delete them from both your Mailbox and Handheld or just the Handheld by clicking onto the menu dots and then selecting “Delete.”

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    Transferring Whole Folders to BlackBerry from Outlook

    vScreenshot 1308239078200 vScreenshot 1308239119557 You may be wondering how can emails in Outlook folders be passed to a BlackBerry? If you wish to send a whole folder from Outlook to your BlackBerry open the folder and select all the items by clicking on Ctrl A. Click “File” and “Save As” saving in your documents folder and giving it an appropriate title.

    The emails will appear as a text file as in "Notepad." Right click on this file and click on “Send To” then “Compressed (Zipped) Folder.” Email the zipped folder to your BlackBerry using any of the email addresses that you have set up on it.

    It would be best to use a webmail account on this occasion so that it will appear on both your BlackBerry and in your webmail folders. You will now receive it both as a zipped folder and text folder. The latter is easily opened by clicking on it and then selecting “Open Attachment.” Note that this method will not include any attachments that were sent with the original emails. However, this is a quick and easy way to send a list of emails linked to the same subject. It also takes up a lot less room when a folder is zipped so it can easily be saved on your BlackBerry.

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    Minor Problems

    Following these instructions should help you to set up your email with BlackBerry and be able to send folders easily. However, if you are setting up an email with an unknown (generally) host then you will have to manually input the settings. Unfortunately, BlackBerry does not give you this option in the first instance so you have to wait for it to realise that it cannot find the settings. After typing in your email address and password it will try to process it and when this does not work it will come up with "I will provide the settings." Click on this and add in your own account details. Sometimes it won't work and you will need to contact your host, as some are not compatible with BlackBerry.

    Mainly though, you should be able to set this up easily and have it working within twenty minutes. If anyone has found a way round this or any other minor glitches, please feel free to comment.

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