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Best BlackBerry Engineering Apps

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 4/13/2011

A look at the best BlackBerry engineering apps, among them are EngCalc-Engineering Calculator, Electronics and Circuit Analysis, Engineering Basics, BlueSlate Converter Premium, Conversion Cog and A list of all their features and functions from which Engineers can gain, follows.

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    Engineering Apps for BlackBerry

    Simplify your workdays with these ingenious engineering apps that will solve a long list of engineering related queries, conversions, calculations and many other difficult problems within seconds. Engineers and student don't have to look any further, this is a list of the best BlackBerry engineering apps .

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    EngCalc - Engineering Calculator

    EngCalc - Engineering Calculator The fully loaded engineering calculator EngCalc can quickly decode complex calculations for a wide range of engineering specialties including Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, and many more. This app features a number of intelligent engineering scientific calculators from which Engineers and scholars can choose to convert units, translate formulas and arrive at solutions for technical equations. It uses both the US and Metric system to convert values and has over 100 property tables as a guide and quick reference.

    [Download Link]

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    Electronics and Circuit Analysis & Quick Study Guide

    Electronics ad Circuits Analysis This app is the ultimate engineering consulting guide for all your engineering questions and solutions. It explains difficult concepts and definitions, gives clear and concise explanations and has illustrative diagrams and graphs to aid in complicated and highly technical representations pertaining to the field of engineering. In addition, it includes tables of symbols, electronic component identifications, systematic formulas, circuitry designs, device specifications and many more.

    The information on this app seems immeasurable yet very organized, providing an easy and interesting guide.

    [Download Link]

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    Engineering Basics

    Engineering Basics Engineering Basics app for BlackBerry has a set of programmed statistics for conversions, tables, equations and other reference material that engineers can refer to quickly at any time during work. Some of these include - acceleration, gravity, weight and mass equations and tables; ounces and pounds tables; moments of inertia for different objects; logarithms, exponents, radians; air properties; volume, surface, density, pressure and temperature equations and tables; flow units, length, volume, velocity converter tables; periodic tables and several other well known trigonometric functions and real numbers algebra.

    Engineers can source accurate and reliable engineering data with this app to help them and their business be more efficient and highly functional on the job.

    [Download Link]

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    Conversion Cog

    Conversion Cog This app is a conversion system that provides easy conversion solutions for 628 units and measurements, combined in 37 different categories, some of which include capacitance, density, electric current, frequency, power, pressure, radioactivity, speed, temperature, time, torque, viscosity, volume, weight. The design of the Conversion Cog app makes browsing easy and quick; you can select and save conversions and send the info via emails from your BlackBerry in no time.

    [Download Link]

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    BlueSlate Converter Premium

    BlueSlate Converter Premium BlueSlate Converter Premium app is simply a unit conversion calculator, ideally for Engineers and students in the field. It is very straightforward allowing users to solve conversion problems, add predetermined conversions and save them for future reference, as well as send this information to associates via BlackBerry messenger, email and/or text message.

    [Download Link]

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    Engineer-Jobs com Once installed to your smartphone this BlackBerry engineering app takes you to the website Engineers and graduates can search and view specific engineering job opportunities in many different locations. There are thousands of jobs, which can be found through a keyword search, as well as by location and/or company name. Job seekers can peruse the job description; duties, requirements, qualifications, salary and contact information then start the application process immediately. Also, individuals can share information from this site through emails right from the phone. provides quick access to new and current potential engineer opportunities, to those seeking jobs, and others who simply want to browse around the engineering job market.

    [Download Load]

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    BlackBerry engineering apps are designed to provide accurate and insightful engineering data, that Engineers can use to effectively execute difficult tasks on the job. The apps listed here were selected to facilitate those purposes and more. Feel free to explore the download links and try them out on your smartphone.

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