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Best Hiking Apps for BlackBerry

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 5/26/2011

Check out these amazing BlackBerry Hiking Apps we rounded up here to assist and accompany you on your hikes. You can better prepare and have fun on your hiking trips with some of these fantastic Blackberry hiking app downloads.

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    Best BlackBerry Hiking Apps

    We all know there are some necessities to take along with us when we go hiking. The great thing is, there is a bunch of these we can get on our BlackBerry phone. BlackBerry apps can provide a long list of hiking supplies right in the palm our hands. Let's take a look at the best Blackberry hiking apps available, and take advantage of our download links to get them on your Smartphone right away.

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    compass for bb No outdoor quest is complete without a compass in hand, there are a few compass apps available for BlackBerry phones, however, our focus is on ‘Compass’, by Blue Solutions, Inc. It is a fully functional compass with built-in GPS to show your heading, speed, latitude and longitude position. It stores your locations and integrates it with Google maps to provide a reliable indication of your surroundings. Compass provides positional data of your heading by continuously accessing the GPS on the phone so, as a result, you have to be moving for the compass to accurately state where you are.

    Among other similar compass apps, ‘Compass’ has received very high ratings based on its usability, map displays, accuracy and versatility.

    [Download Link]

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    Complete First Aid Course

    emerency app bb This BlackBerry App provides and extensive list of first aid techniques in case of emergency. It also has ten (10) videos to show you first hand demonstrations on how to properly execute certain lifesaving procedures. The Complete First Aid Course app has more relevant emergency aid for Hikers than any other first aid app available for BlackBerries, some of topics covered are – cramps, exhaustion, heat stroke, swallowed poisons, bites, stings, burns, wounds, infections, musculoskeletal injuries, head & spine injuries, and much more.

    The videos on this app have a sharp display on your Blackberry, the audio is also very clear and the demonstrations are easy and straightforward. The videos need WiFi to run, so before you end up in a deserted territory, you may want to download, save and possibly bookmark the videos on your phone. The information it provides is extremely helpful and received strong reviews for a ‘must have’ app for Blackberry Smartphones.

    [Download Link]

    For more of the same, read our article on the best first aid apps for BlackBerry.

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    GPSed Pro Track and Map Your Trips

    GPSed Pro GPSed Pro Track and Map Your Trips, is an app that can be used for recreational networking, as well as a security locator device while you are hiking. Most importantly it has a SOS button for instant positioning alerts through emails or SMS text messages. This allows you to immediately notify someone on your current location or position in the event something goes wrong. On a brighter note, you can share GPS tracks with this app, as well as sharing geotagged photos with friends and family via email and instant messages, or you can instantly post them on Twitter or Facebook. This app does exactly what it states; it got great reviews and received five (5) and four (4) star ratings.

    [Download Link]

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    Radical Flashlight

    bb flashlight Every Hiker needs a flashlight; actual flashlights can be bulky and annoying. Nevertheless, BlackBerry has a number of flashlight apps that you can download to your phone. Radical Flashlight offers phenomenal features as a flashlight; it makes full use of the BlackBerry’s screen to produce a bright light beam in dark conditions. It doesn’t use the same mechanics behind the function of the phone’s camera light, but neither is it as bright as most camera lights. This was done intentionally to sustain battery power, as this app can significantly drain battery power if left on for too long. From the long list of flashlight apps available, Radical Flashlight was found to be quite easy to use and highly resourceful. There were also rave reviews for the graphics and color variations.

    [Download Link]

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    GPS Monitor

    GPS Monitor This is a great substitute for actual GPS devices, which makes it an ideal tool for Hikers; it uses a Bluetooth GPS receiver to show current positional information on your BlackBerry. No matter where you are it provides altitude, latitude and longitude data as well as updates on your speed and heading. GPS data is easily accessible and easy to read.

    [Download Link]

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    Animal & Bird Track Knowledge Cards

    During a hiking trip, one can often come across tracks left behind by certain types of birds and animals. The Sierra Club Animal & Bird Track Knowledge Cards is a quiz app that provides almost 50 graphical representations of animal and bird tracks, and challenges you to guess which species they belong to. It helps you to identify tracks found during hiking by displaying pictures of different footprints which you can simply click a on and the name of the creature, its taxonomic data, physical characteristics, footprint size, diet, and notes on its natural history appear.

    [Download Link]

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    More Apps

    Some more great Hiking apps for BlackBerry are -

    ACCU WEATHER - [Download Link]

    Tree Identification - [Download Link]

    What Knot - [Download Link]

    BEIKS 321 Camping Games Collection for BlackBerry - [Download Link]

    TREKKER - [Download Link]

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