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Best BlackBerry Apps for Dog Owners

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/10/2011

Here is a round up of the best BlackBerry apps for dog owners. These apps provide support for dog emergency situations, pet directory services, dog training and much more. Download your favorites here and now!

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    BlackBerry Apps for Dog Lovers

    Dog lovers will also love the selection of BlackBerry apps we rounded up in this article. These apps provide a platform for you to create, store and refer to vital notes concerning your canine. You can even get help teaching and reinforcing fun dog tricks to impress family and friends. You don’t have to look any further; here are the best BlackBerry apps for dog owners.

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    petcentric Petcentric is the ultimate guide to any pet friendly location near to you. Dog parks, restaurants, pet stores, beaches, groomers, dogsitters, hotels etc. that are welcoming to you and your pet are all listed on the Petcentric app for BlackBerry smartphones. The app brings your attention to these places, states their location and provides directions. In addition, you can store pictures of your dog in the photo gallery, watch top pet videos selected from the web, view and leave comments on cute and funny pet photos and read the latest pet tips, news and stories.

    Petcentric is FREE, but it is only available in the US. Before downloading this app check the requirements first as this software can only work on a select few BlackBerry smartphones, namely Tour, Storm, Touch, and Curve. If your phone is not compatible then you may experience trouble with signal and Internet connectivity. See more information and reviews on Petcentric.

    [Download Link]

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    Pet Log

    pet log Pet Log helps you to organize more than a hundred entries on individual pets on your BlackBerry. You can enter and save information regarding your pet's name, date of birth, breed, color, registration number, microchip number and much more. You will never have to go dig up pet documents or records ever again. All the information you have and need for your pet can be stored on your phone by installing this app. Your veterinarian will be impressed with how informed and prepared you are to answer any question concerning your pet. Pet Log can filter your pet’s medical conditions, vaccination record, surgical procedures (if any), infections, allergies, handicaps and any other condition unique to your pet.

    [Download Link]

    Also, check out Pet Tracker for BlackBerry [Download Link]

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    Dog Tricks

    Dog Tricks is a great app for you and your dog. There is no dog owner who wouldn’t want their pet to know a few tricks or know what to do after an instruction is given. This amazing app can inform you on how to teach your dog over 50 tricks, among these are to sit, speak, stay, lie down, dance, jump rope, turn on the lights, yawn and much more.

    [Download Link]

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    Dog Emergency

    Dog Emergency As dog lovers we always need to be prepared for the worst. At any time your canine can have an allergic reaction to something they ate, get bitten or stung, have a seizure -- you name it. Knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between life and death for your dog. This Dog Emergency app is designed to inform you about numerous types of emergency situations and how to handle them. A few categories this app provides information for are – choking, distemper, electric shock, first aid, fly bites, frost bite, hyperthermia, insect bites, middle and inner ear infections, pneumonia, snake bites and much more.

    Some critics argue that there could be more conditions listed on this app to address more common emergencies. Other users found it quite informative, in all it is a great app to install to your BlackBerry since you never know when and what your dog could need help for in an emergency situation. See more reviews on Dog Emergency.

    [Download Link]

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    New Pet Checklist

    pet checklist The Pet Checklist app is designed to help dog owners create a number of checklists to care, monitor and provide for their dog. You can choose from an existing list of entries and edit them to make your own personalized entries and categories. Keep track of your progress and stick to the plan with the Pet Checklist application, it is easy to use and conveniently accessible.

    [Download Link]

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    There are some very attractive dog themes applications for dog lovers, BlackBerry App World has a wide selection, but the best of the bunch are – Themes in Motion: Dogs, Puppies Theme, The Dog, Lonely Dog, Artistic Dog, Halloween Pooch and Puppies for BlackBerry. All these BlackBerry apps for dog owners received 5 and 4 star ratings and very good reviews.

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