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BlackBerry Apps for Police

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/24/2011

Here we round up a few fantastic BlackBerry apps for police officials, these apps are highly intelligent and effective especially for law enforcement officers on the go. They transform the BlackBerry phone into a powerful mapping and tracking device, security dispatcher, radio scanner and much more.

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    BlackBerry Police Law Enforcement App

    BlackBerry police or law enforcement apps are some of the most quintessential accessories available today for police officers in the field. These apps allow officers to work independently and take more initiative on the job, as well as provide informational support to fellow officers on the go. With BlackBerry police and law enforcement apps precise, constructive and expert data is readily available right at your fingertips. Here we highlight some of these amazing apps, provide details as to what they do and downloadable links to install them to your BlackBerry smartphone right away!

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    Advanced GPS Tracker

    Advanced GPS One very important BlackBerry police law enforcement app feature is GPS navigation. A highly effective and intelligent app for GPS is Advanced GPS Tracker; it allows you to turn your GPS-enabled BlackBerry into a powerful mapping and tracking device. This app provides real time data on a motorist’s current speed, direction and location. In addition, it shows the total distance traveled, duration, elevation profile, and speed profile. You can even view the amount of time someone spends walking, as opposed to running.

    This app received four and five star ratings, rave reviews regarding geocaching, accuracy, use, mapping and much more. Check out more reviews on Advanced GPS Tracker.

    [Download Link]

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    trapster Trapster app for BlackBerry smartphone is the number one automotive app designed to precisely alert users as they approach speed traps, red lights and speed cameras via GPS technology. In addition, you can get updates on police checkpoints, and other hazards. Even though this app may seem useful only to motorists, it is highly effective for police officials as well. The information provided by this app can assist traffic cops to control and maintain safety on the roads as well as communicate with fellow law enforcement officers to preventing day-to-day hazards caused by civilians.

    Trapster got a lot of good reviews, users who downloaded this app were impressed with the accuracy and its detection capabilities, however, there were complaints about it draining battery power. Check out more reviews on Trapster.

    [Download Link]

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    Scanner Radio

    scanner radio Both law enforcement officers and civilians can use Scanner Radio; it is readily available at BlackBerry App World at a very low cost. This app allows you to listen in on over 2,000 police and fire scanners, railroad communications and weather radio broadcasts in numerous locations. Police officers are kept informed with this app as it provides vital data to assist in making informed decisions.

    Scanner Radio received great feedback from people who downloaded the app, people raved about how well the frequencies picked up worldwide and locally but complained their trial period was too short. It is definitely worth the cost. Check out more reviews on Scanner Radio.

    [Download Link]

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    Berry Record

    berry record Berry Record is highly effective BlackBerry software for police officers on the go. It is the first mobile application for the BlackBerry that is designed to record voice notes during an active phone call. Critical and compelling evidence can be obtained through this amazing app. Unfortunately, this app is only available on a select few BlackBerry smartphones.

    Berry Record is a relatively new application for the BlackBerry smartphone, some people are apprehensive about downloading this app due to unethical practices which involve recording phone conversations without the other party's consent or knowledge. With the right approach, this app is ideal for people who work in the field of law enforcement. Check out reviews on Berry Record.

    [Download Link]

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    capture it CaptureIt is one of the most user-friendly apps available for the BlackBerry smartphone. It is designed to take a screenshot of what is currently displayed on your BlackBerry screen. With one simple click, screenshots are easily captured from your BlackBerry screen then stored for future reference. Law enforcement officers can use CaptureIt to take screenshots of a location on a map provided by the smartphone’s GPS navigation, a web page, an IM conversation or any other significant text or photo file.

    This app received great reviews regarding functionality and accessibility, however, there are some people who have problems getting the software downloaded to their device. Check out these troubleshooting solutions and reviews on CaptureIt.

    [Download Link]

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    Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide

    emergency kit This app provides a complete first aid guide that offers a quick reference and information on countless medical emergencies. Every police officer should have this app installed on their BlackBerry smartphone to help handle medical emergencies quickly and correctly. It covers topics on choking, bleeding, fainting, heat stroke, convulsions, CPR, heart attacks and much much more.

    Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide is a basic, yet informative, app that concentrates on providing useful data for emergency situations. There are complaints about the data format when viewing, however, the information is precise and helpful. Check out reviews on Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide.

    [Download Link]

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    Advanced GPS Tracker, Trapster, Radio Scanner, Berry Record, CaptureIt and Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide are great law enforcement apps for police officers with a BlackBerry smartphone. Find out how quick and easy accurate law enforcement data is retrieved while you are on the job or in emergency situations. Impress your teammates and your superiors by taking on highly intellectual cases with your BlackBerry in hand, before you know it you will be the next hot topic!

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