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BlackBerry Applications for Expectant Mothers

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 3/5/2011

BlackBerry App World has countless apps for expecting mothers to help them through this critical time in their lives. There are apps for managing their diet and weight, to record and store vital information regarding contractions, and blood pressure. Read on for info on all these and much more.

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    There are several BlackBerry Pregnancy Apps available for expecting mothers and even for new mothers. These amazing apps can provide a considerable amount of assistance during this hectic time in a woman's life. For example, they can keep a record of vital information on the baby's prenatal condition, weight changes, blood pressure reading, ovulation & menstrual cycle, nutritional intake, diet and contraction series. Here we get into more details on how these apps assist pregnant women and downloadable links to get them up and running on your BlackBerry right away!

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    Baby Diary

    baby diary The Baby Diary BlackBerry app provides a complete journal for anything on your pregnancy and the baby. It allows you to record vital information covering baby names, doctor’s visits, vaccinations and so much more. You can also record and store information unique to your baby and include sweet memories.

    This app does exactly what it says, that is provide platforms for you to make entries regarding your child's prenatal progress, activity, history etc.

    [Download Link]

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    BP Tracker

    bp trackr BP Tracker for BlackBerry Smartphone allows you to monitor your blood pressure levels throughout the day every day. Pregnant women can keep track of their blood pressure levels and create logs for their doctor’s records as well. The BP Tracker app uses blood pressure logs to create graphs to represent the data for users. The interactive charts & statistics can help expecting mothers and their doctors track BP records in no time.

    [Download Link]

    Also, check out Blood Pressure Tracker [Download Link]

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    Ovulation Calendar

    ovu calendar This BlackBerry Pregnancy App is useful for women who want to become pregnant and women who don’t! The app provides women with their own personal fertility calendar. Once key information such as the length of your menstrual cycle and date of your last period is entered into the Ovulation Calendar, it will calculate your fertile and non-fertile days. It calculates the probability of conception based on your ovulation cycle and generates a graphical representation of fertile and menstruation dates

    Ovulation Calendar app specifically addresses ovulation and menstrual cycles, i.e. helps you track your period and find out when it is due and so forth. One feature that might be nice to have, but that isn't offered in this app, is the ability to add notes and edit information into the calendar. This app was not designed for those purposes however, so do not download if that is important to you.

    [Download Link]

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    Calorie Counter

    calorie countr The Calorie Counter app for BlackBerry Smartphone is essential for women who are pregnant. This app is a quick reference for nutritional facts and details about any food. This helps to keep track of your meals, exercise and weight during pregnancy. The app provides an accurate account of what you’re eating, and helps to plan and monitor calorie intake on a daily or weekly basis.

    This app is highly rated by users for its accuracy and dependability as a calorie counter, weight tracker, food library, nutritional reference and so much more.

    [Download Link]

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    Relax with Andrew Johnson

    Expecting mothers often need a portion of the day to relax and unwind. This app was developed to support that very cause. Relaxation is very important during pregnancy, as it improves your overall health. This app teaches users relaxation techniques, so they can unwind and de-stress, and it also has had great success in therapeutic settings.

    This highly rated pregnancy app will definitely help you relax, calm down and even sleep! The soothing voice on this app breaks the tension and allows you to take a break even take a nap anytime so you can get refreshed and feel energized.

    [Download Link]

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    Weight Tracker

    weight trackr Weight Tracker can help expecting mothers to keep track of their overall weight gain over a nine-month period, so as to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy. By consistently measuring weight gain, an expecting mother and her doctor can make informed decisions regarding diet and drug regimen during pregnancy. The Weight Tracker simplifies weight data logging, so women can add multiple records per day, and develop a summary of the logs through a graph. Pregnant women can review weight log data over a week/ month/ quarter. The interactive charts & statistics can help tracking your logs easily & quickly.

    The only downside to using this BlackBerry Pregnancy App, is that it can occasionally be difficult to retrieve the graph, so make sure your BlackBerry Smartphone is compatible to install this app. Other than that, it is convenient, easy and simple to use for monitoring weight.

    [Download Link]

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    Top Blackberry Pregnancy Apps: From Ovulation to Labor Contractions Three amazing BlackBerry pregnancy apps to help with labor contractions; these apps allows women to accurately measure and calculate how far apart labor contractions are and create a log of what time the contraction started, how long the contraction lasted, and the interval time between the start of contractions. in addition, these apps can notify contacts when you are in labor, email your contraction history to your doctor, send a birth announcements and much more.
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    Contraction Calc

    contraction calc This pregnancy contraction timer software was developed to assist pregnant women in the latter part of their pregnancy. Contraction Calc helps expecting mothers to monitor their contractions and better manage those last moments before heading to the hospital. What this app actually does, is accurately measure and calculates how far apart labor contractions are, therefore indicating how soon they may go into labor.

    Contraction Calc is a five star BlackBerry Pregnancy App -- expecting mothers cant wait to use this app and those who have used it have nothing but good things to say. It does exactly what is states, it's accurate and is highly dependable.

    [Download Link]

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    Contraction Coach

    contrct coach This app is great for expecting mothers as well as husbands, mother in laws, aunts, and any other family member or friends who are with you during those labor contractions. It records the time of labor contractions and displays a history of all contractions. It creates a log of what time the contraction started, how long the contraction lasted, and the interval time between the start of contractions. In addition, it provides an alert if contractions are lasting longer than a minute, or are less than 4 minutes apart. It provides a reset menu entry to clear the contraction history and start all over again, should you need it.

    [Download Link]

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    babybirth Another great BlackBerry labor contraction app is BirthBaby. Not only does this app record the time of contractions, but also ingeniously, notifies your contacts during your labor that the baby is on the way, email your contraction history to your doctor when you are leaving for the hospital and send a birth announcement with a photo, so all your contacts can see your beautiful newborn. In addition, it has a simple initiating route that allows you to press almost any button on your BlackBerry keypad to start the contraction timer -- so no fumbling around to find the right key when you are contracting. It also offers the added ability to quickly record other related events such as vomiting, temperature, and water breaks.

    Birthbaby is a great app for your BlackBerry, especially as it allows you to email and share info about your labor with others, very easily.

    [Download Link]

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    These BlackBerry Pregnancy Apps are vital to any expecting mother. They take away some of the hassle during your day-to-day routine, making life significantly easier. You are able to take better care of yourself and monitor your overall health by simply downloading these apps. It depends on what are the most important factors to you during pregnancy, so why not get a few installed on your phone so you've got all areas taken care of. The links provided in this article takes you directly to the BlackBerry App Store so you can purchase, download and install them to your BlackBerry Smartphone at anytime.

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