Before Upgrading, Backup BlackBerry Enterprise Server

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software Version 3.6

Creating a backup BlackBerry Enterprise Server involves exporting the BlackBerry Enterprise Server list.

  • Open the BlackBerry Management Console.

  • Scroll to BlackBerry Server Management and right-click. Select Export BlackBerry Servers.

  • Specify where to save the backup.

Now it’s time to export the BlackBerry smartphone user list.

  • Open the BlackBerry Management Console.
  • Click on the server name.
  • Select all BlackBerry users by clicking on the first smartphone user, then pressing the shift key, and finally clicking on the last smartphone user.
  • After the entire BlackBerry smartphone user list is highlighted, right-click it and select Export User Info.
  • An option is given to export statistics and to clear statistics after exporting. This info doesn’t affect the server, so it’s optional.
  • Choose where to save the backup.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software Versions 4.0 and 4.1

To create a backup BlackBerry Enterprise server, use either Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) or Microsoft SQL Server.

With MSDE:

  • Go to the Start icon, click it and select Run.
  • Type cmd in the box and select OK.
  • Type osql -E to log into the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Type 1> backup database to disk = “C:\.bak”
  • Type 2> go
  • Type 1> quit

The default name of the database is BESMgmt, but the name of your database should replace .

If you are using the Microsoft SQL Server, follow these steps:

  • Select the SQL Enterprise Manager.
  • Drill down to the Database level.
  • Find the BlackBerry Enterprise Server database and right-click it.
  • Under All Tasks, select Backup Database.
  • Choose where to save the backup.

BlackBerry Configuration Database Backup Tool

Another way to backup the BlackBerry Enterprise Server databases is to use the BlackBerry Configuration Database Backup Tool. This is usually available if the server environment includes Microsoft SQL Server Express. The tool is part of the installation media for the Blackberry Enterprise Server. It provides a way to backup the database to a file. The backup file name is <database_name>.bak.

To use the BlackBerry Configuration Database Backup Tool, follow these steps:

  • Copy the installation files of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the computer which hosts the database that you are about to backup.
  • Then, extract the installation files to a folder on the computer.
  • Go to the Tools folder of the installation files and run BlackBerryDbBackup.exe.

As the backup tool runs, it will save the specified database to a folder on the computer. There are several parameters you can set, but only the database name, -d or <database_name>, is required. The tool will save the database to the current folder if a folder, -f or , isn’t specified. Some of the optional parameters of the backup tool include -S, or <database_server>, which identifies the name of the computer that hosts the database, and -p, or , which shows the progress of the backup process as a percentage. Your login user name and password for the database are -U, <user_name>, and -P, , respectively.

A typical command line will appear as BlackBerryDBBackup.exe -d BESMgmt -f C:\DB_backup_folder -U sqlusername -P sqlpassword, where BESMgmt is the database name, C:\DB_backup_folder is the folder to which the backup file will be saved to, and sqlusername and sqlpassword are your login user name and password.