Blackberry (RIM) SmartPhones

Blackberry is a mobile phone platform that is well known for keeping busy professionals connected no matter where they are. Originally released by RIM in 2002, this top-selling smartphone continues to maintain a strong market share within the mobile community despite increasing pressure from big-name competitors such as iPhone and Android. Blackberry many versions – Torch, Bold, Curve and Pearl – offer a multitude of features and applications.
Here you will find tips, troubleshooting advice and reviews of Blackberry applications and themes to help you get the most from your phone. Simon Hill is the managing editor, with years of experience in the telecommunications field. He and his team of writers bring you up-to-date information and advice for all owners of Blackberries, whether you just took yours out of the box or have been using the Blackberry platform for years.
Beginning users will appreciate tips on how to uninstall Blackberry applications, keyboard shortcuts, or how to choose the right data plan. Explore the Blackberry’s many features from Email to GPS.
Both new and experienced Blackberry users will appreciate the many round-ups and reviews of applications such as this round-up of Blackberry games and apps and the best Blackberry social networking apps for those on the go who want to stay in touch with friends 24/7. Let us know your opinion in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway Review

RIM has released a device to stream audio via Bluetooth. This device, BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway, turns an ordinary BlackBerry device into a portable audio player. Read this review to get the goods on the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway.

Review of SplashShopper for BlackBerry

SplashData has developed a program that allows you to manage your errands. SplashShopper takes grocery lists to the next level. In this review, we will learn exactly what it does and how it will help with your hectic schedule.

Review Of The ESPN Launcher For Blackberry

The ESPN Launcher is a convenient, useful, easy to use tool available for the Blackberry platform. Read on to hear about the advantage of using the Launcher to access ESPN on your Blackberry device.

Garmin Mobile Maps for BlackBerry Review

Many newer Blackberry devices now come standard with Blackberry Maps. While free is always good, the maps in my opinion are not all that great. That’s why I prefer loading my devices with Garmin Mobile Maps, a software solution that allows your device to implement top notch Garmin Mapping.