Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Review

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Review

The latest version of the Android platform is 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. It offers a host of improvements and it brings smartphones and tablets together. We take a closer look in this review.

Nokia Lumia 710 Review: The Nokia Re-awakening

Another one of Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smartphones hits the market. A lot of hype has been built up around this Nokia Microsoft partnership. Is this the rebirth of the mobile phone giant? Why don’t we let this Nokia Lumia 710 review tell us.

Top Five Entrepreneur Apps on iPhone

Entrepreneurs need to be extremely organized in order to be successful, on-the-ball and know their field. Your iPhone not only keeps you in touch with the office when you are out and about but means that your productivity doesn’t have to slow down either. In fact many of these apps can improve it!

Top Five iPhone Apps for Tween Boys: Parent Approved

Much like buying a tween boy socks at Christmas, most app lists that you’ll find with choices for them will contain a lot of apps that fit a stereotype rather than apps that a tween boy might actually use. Our top five list has something for all tween boys and will keep parents happy too.

Top Five Tween Girl Apps That Even Parents Will Love

Who says tween girls are difficult? There are a lot of apps that promise to be for tweens, but that just don’t hit the right note. Then there are those that are just plain garbage. You’re right it is difficult! Never fear though, parents of tween girls, as I have the perfect solutions.

Samsung Galaxy R Review: Cheaper S II?

A review of Samsung’s silver medalist in the race for smartphone dominance. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S II, but it has less to offer and a cheaper price tag to match.

Grow Your Own Apps with ChevronWP7

Microsoft has outdone other mobile phone OS providers by embracing homebrew development. The result of this is the ChevronWP7 unlock tool, which for just $9 automates the unlocking of your device to enable you to sideload homebrew apps!

The Motorola Droid RAZR Cuts Through the Competition

Motorola pulled up their bootstraps and made it out of the trenches when they first released the RAZR in 2004. They did it again with the Droid series through Verizon. Now they’ve merged the two to form the Droid RAZR. Will it succeed just the same?

The Growing Change to Mobile OS Duopoly

There once was a time where phone manufacturers struggled to create their own operating systems. With Android and iOS the landscape has changed. But is this growing reliance on Android and the dominance of Apple a sign of good things or bad things to come?

Save Your Old Family Photos Online with the Shoebox App

Shoebox is a free app that lets you use the iPhone or iPad camera to take pictures of old photos, then it automatically crops and adjusts them for you. It’s the fastest way to archive old images. Learn more about how it works in this review.

Feeling Crafty? Top Five Craft Apps on iPhone

Crafting is a very popular pastime, and now we have digital tech to help us in our quest to achieve the perfect finished article. Maybe you are a cardmaker or scrapbooker, or perhaps you prefer crochet, knitting or quilting? Whatever your craft of choice prepare to meet your perfect app companion.