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  • 10 Tips for Designing a Professional Business Card

    Business cards are the best tool to convey your message—an extension of everything your business represents. In designing a professional business card, provide contact information, but treat it as a small-scale marketing vehicle; these tips...
    Published on  March 11, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Great Samples of Wording for Birth Announcements

    What an exciting day for the parents of a newborn baby! They've been waiting a long nine months to see their new arrival and can't wait to tell family and friends. If you are a new parent and in the dark about wording for birth announcements...
    Published on  March 8, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Overview of Different Letterhead Styles

    Even though life has sped up and email seems so prevalent, every savvy worker should know how to write a proper business letter, if nothing else, to get results. There are three basic types of letterhead styles: block, modified block and indented...
    Published on  February 27, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Book Publishing: Publisher Jargon and Some Definitions

    Every industry has its "business speak" and book publishing is no exception. The newcomer to business should study basic principles and book publisher jargon if he or she is hoping to succeed. A primer then, on terms and common argot and what...
    Published on  February 11, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Cultural Differences & Global Business Mistakes

    There are mistakes—faux pas—when dealing with foreign clients. These cultural differences, when not acknowledged, will make a foreigner uncomfortable or unwilling to do business. In order to conduct business globally, insight into the conventions...
    Published on  January 31, 2011 to Human Resources

  • Book Publishing: Kinds of Editors

    Now that we know how an editor’s responsibilities and power of influence differs from the publisher’s, here is more about book publishing, the kinds of editors you may encounter with a large New York publishing house, and their purview as...
    Published on  January 29, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Book Publishing: The Difference Between a Publisher and an Editor

    Large publishing houses today are conglomerates. Knowing the difference between a publisher and editor is critical foundational stuff if you are thinking about getting into the book publication industry. Here are the key points about these two principal...
    Published on  January 18, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Baby Boomers and Career Changes

    The first generation that was described as a “pig in the python” is not going to stray from the job market. Baby Boomer career changes are likely to happen for close to a majority of this age group. They may choose to mentor someone, turn...
    Published on  December 15, 2010 to Career Planning & Development

  • Career Exploration Tools for High School Students

    High school students coming into a difficult job market need all of the employment information and help they can get. There are good high school career exploration options which will allow them proactive ways to determine their near-future options.
    Published on  December 12, 2010 to Career Planning & Development

  • 10 Tips for Adjusting to a New Job & Changes

    Everyone faces trepidation the first day, the first week, and even the first month at a new job. There is so much to learn you are afraid you won’t: catch on, do things right, fit in with coworkers—it’s enough to give one an anxiety...
    Published on  November 1, 2010 to Career Planning & Development

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